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  rp_taurus-in-love-247x300.jpgLOOK FABULOUS

Taurus  is all about the physical appearance in the beginning. You’ve got to  look your best! If you want to instantly attract a Taurus, put on your  best clothes. They  are very visual but  .It’s a deadly mistake to completely and solely rely on physical attraction if you want a meaningful relationship. Attraction is about your total appearance and being, about the way you behave…


You’ve got to show respect your bull-crush and he  will respect you in just the right way. The bull is full of pride and that is why they have a sense of entitlement that is hard to get past sometimes.


Taurus  doesn’t like to be rushed , ever. Taurus is the slowest sign of the zodiac. Take your time but be persistent. if you just ask him on date out of the blue, he may be a little taken aback and might even feel you’re having a cruel joke at his expense. Best to be on the safe side and combine both of the approaches outlined above. In other words, let him know you’re interested before asking him out: lingering looks, the odd oblique comment about your own singleton status and a few well-placed compliments about his appearance and personality. He may beat you to it, but it’s probably not wise to hold your breath!


Let them know that you love them being near you! Taurus is not going to go into a home or into a space where they don’t feel invited. You’ve got to make your personal space and your home feel inviting to a Taurus.


Bake them something, cook them something! Taurus is all about the home-cooked food and they absolutely love it when people  take time to prepare something delicious just for them!


Belive it or not  a Taurus will go the same way to work or every day, they have a particular order in which they get ready . so be prepared to go somewhere he is familiar with, somewhere he feels comfortable. So don’t try to change their routine at the beginning, or rush them.


Attract Taurus by touching him innocently. This is very  powerful, because of their  rather firm and inert nature.  Try to  understand them  without asking too much. Asking too much may result in him building a fence or wall. The Taurus  is also quite materialistic and likes the finer things in life, so plump for big brand names if you can.


However, the Taurus  doesn’t respond well to weakness in others. Weakness irks them.  So don’t  demonstrate a personal weakness. They do not like people who are helplessness and weak.


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