The energy of the day of the week

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Each day carries a specific vibrational energy with it. If we get to know the nature of their powers, we can plan when to do which activity on which day.

Monday is the day ruled by the planet Moon. It is ideal for home activities, planting plants, communicating with the mother, and addressing the masses. Favorable and energetic day for solving problems concerning the mental level. Likewise, for magicians, this is a good day for dealing with the subconscious, dreams, and astral projection.

The color that rules this day is white or silver. But, at the same time, it is a color that can strengthen the abovementioned activities.

Tuesday is an entirely different vibe! He carries an undertone of action, combativeness, and temperament. The planet Mars rules Tuesdays in astrology.

When we need courage and self-confidence for some gestures, it’s good to take action on Tuesdays. If we are a person in uniform, this is a very significant day for us; it aligns with our energy.

The color that rules this day is red. Surrounding ourselves with the color red will stimulate the fiery, penetrating, initiatory Martian energy in us and give us courage.
Of course, if someone already shapes too much with these qualities, it is not a good idea to fuel that energy so that courage does not turn into madness.

Wednesday is a perfect day for students. Therefore, it is also favorable for taking exams. For that segment, the energy is powerful on Wednesdays.
This day carries the energy of Mercury and is associated with the color green.
It is also favorable for all kinds of communication, reading, writing, and travel.

Thursday is a good day!
It is the day ruled by the planet Jupiter.
In the past, people often got married on Thursdays, and many people wonder why Thursday, in the middle of the work week? Well, precisely because they would receive the blessings of Jupiter, which ensures long-lasting and stable happiness (in contrast to Venus, which can bring pleasure, but not longevity; for example, the very act of marriage is under the rule of Venus, while happiness in marriage is under the control of Jupiter ).
Thursday is a good day and favorable energy for higher education, expansion in every aspect, and even when it comes to overeating because Jupiter tends to enlarge and expand everything.
The color ruled by Jupiter is lemon yellow (in contrast to the color of the Sun (Sunday), which is from bright yellow to pale red, and bright red already falls under the rule of Mars; that is, it is tied to Tuesday).

A day for enjoyment and love!
This is the day when some first crushes may be born when we will get the desire to take care of ourselves more and decorate ourselves when we receive some valuables as a gift.
This is the day ruled by the planet Venus.
The color associated with this day is pink, and some say colorful (Vedic astrology).

Saturday has arrived!!
After all these fluttering days came the negative and dark energy of Saturday; it is ruled by the planet Saturn, which many call the “teacher-torturer,” thereby letting us know that Saturn does not bring us difficulties for no reason but that they have a purpose, that they we come out changed and wiser if the energy is well directed.
The day is favorable for us to do in a disciplined way what we have been putting off for a long time; it is also suitable for facing what we have suppressed for a long time, especially fears.
All in all, people usually go out on Saturdays to have fun and have fun, but this day is more for penance than enjoyment.
The color associated with this day is black.

And finally, Sunday!
This is a good day for – questioning your ego. The ego cannot be destroyed (despite what many spiritual schools suggest), the ego can only be transformed, and this is the ideal day to work on that transformation and to turn our selfishness and egoism into compassion and empathy.
It is associated with all activities concerning bosses (even dictators), superiors, fathers, and generally, people of authority.
It is a favorable day for working with solar energies (e.g., it is good to start practicing solar yoga on this day).
The color associated with this day is yellow or gold.


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