The five elements and elemental cycles

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Five key elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood, each with a corresponding type of energy. Each element has a specific color, weather season, taste, space concept and types of chi.
• North: WATER, black, cold, winter, salty, month, chi flowing down

• East: WOOD, green, windy, spring, sour, the star, which increases the chi • South: FIRE, red, hot, summer, bitter the sun, which rises chi

• West: METALl, white, dry, fall, angry, galaxies, chi that tightens

• Center: EARTH, yellow, wet, summer solstice, sweet, Country, chi that rotates.

These elements are linked to three basic cycles: the cycle of production, domination or controlling and reduction.

produkt ciklusThe cycle of production is a positive cycle in which every element helps in the creation of the next. From fire occurs Earth, Earth chi rotates creating tighten chi metal, metal shrinks in water, the water supports the formation of wood and wood fuel the fire.

destruktivni ciklus

The cycle of dominance is chaotic cycle of imbalance that weakens chi. Within this cycle, each element of the element overrides that two seats away. The fire melts metal, earth stops the flow of water, metal damages the wood, water extinguished the fire and the wood up the ground.

treci ciklusReduction cycle is a cycle of healing that restores the equilibrium state which disrupted the cycle of domination. Each element reduces the previous element. That fire burns wood, wood absorbs water, the water is corrosive to metals, metal moves the country, and the country weakens fire. The purpose of these cycles can be applied to life situations. If a person have too much of water element and its characteristics in life can re-establish the balance by adding fire symbols to the environment.


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