The Love spell

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Hoodoo-Magic-Reconciliation-Love-Binding-SpellThis spell reinforces mutual love. You need to prepare one pink candle, avocado scent oil and one pink paper. Write your and your partner’s name in the right and the left corner of the paper. Salve the avocado oil on the candle from the bottom to the top and light the candle while saying: ”We exist for our mutual love. May the universe receive our wishes”. Afterwards, light the paper on the candle flame. The ritual is finished when the candle burns out.

ritual za ljubavDuring that time you need to sit on the chair near the window. Be calm, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Think of your love, partner and remember all the good things that you did together. Try to feel your partners arm around you, kisses and love.

When the candle burns opt, take the rest of the candle and put it in the red paper. Keep that as an amulet for 8 days and then throw it away in river. Do not show your amulet to anyone and do not talk about this ritual to anyone for 8 days.


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