The meaning of dreams about a palm tree

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What does it mean to dream of a palm tree?

To dream of a palm tree:

– To see a palm tree – you will be greatly honored

– A dry palm tree – an announcement of a poor harvest or business

– A fallen palm tree – you will go on a very unpleasant journey

Definition I

– a bot. a plant of the Palmae family of tropical and subtropical regions, often tall trees, with a crown of fan-shaped or pinnate leaves [coconut palm; oil palm]

Definition II

– Palm trees (Palmove; Latin Aceraceae, before Palmae) represent a plant family of monocotyledons (Monocotydolenes), which includes about 2,800 species. They live primarily wild in tropical and subtropical regions; in other areas, they are cultivated as ornamental plants.

Palm trees are tree-like, often very tall plants, which at the top of the unbranched, columnar trunk bear a tufted crown composed of fan-shaped or pinnate leaves. The flowers are primarily unisexual, gathered in panicles, and initially surrounded by large pistils (spatha). The 6-leaf inflorescence is predominantly green and only rarely vividly colored. The flower contains either one overgrown tricot carpel or three monocots, each with one seed embryo. Pollination is exogamous or entomogenous. The fruit is a berry or nut-like drupe.

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