The meaning of dreams about stars

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What does it mean to dream of a star?

Dreaming of a star:

– to see a star, travel, get good jobs, joy

– a star in the sky – you will receive pleasant and joyful news

– dim stars – lousy news

-dark star-sadness and grief

-shooting star-don’t spend money on others

– the star of replica – happiness in love, well-being

-lots of stars-a big inheritance awaits you

Definition I

a. astron. A high-temperature space body with its energy source [morning star; shooting star; comet; standing star] b. Craig. Every celestial body is seen in the sky as a bright point [the star-strewn sky; the stars twinkle; to be born under a lucky star to be fortunate in life]


A star is a celestial body consisting of a large amount of gas, mostly hydrogen. The star emits light, and heat is produced at the star’s center in thermonuclear reactions.

The stability of a star depends on two opposing forces:

thermonuclear reactions tend to disperse the material of the lead into the surrounding space
the opposite force of gravity, which tends to hold the star’s mass together

If the force of gravity prevails, the star’s material is compressed, so stars are formed in which the matter is compressed to very high densities (neutron stars, white dwarfs). If the star’s mass exceeds the prescribed critical limit or the Chandrasekhar limit, infinite compression occurs in a physical singularity from which light cannot escape – a black hole. If the first tendency prevails, the star can explode in an explosion, thus creating a nova or supernova. The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram shows the relationship between the brightness and size of a star. The average galaxy contains about a hundred billion stars.

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