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The 12 Houses of astrology are arranged on a circle-shaped wheel. The wheel of Houses is based on our Earth’s 24-hour rotation about its own axis. The 12 Houses of astrology are symbolic of the all the departments that make up human life. The houses are not “energies” like the elements or planets, nor do they color the expression of energies like the zodiac signs do. Also, the houses are where these energies are most likely to manifest. The houses are the fields of experience, not the experience themselves. The most important houses are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. Below is the interpretation of Mercury in all houses.

 Statement that represents the Mercury– I think!

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. It reflects the way you see, hear, understand and assimilate information. Mercury is symbolic of that child-like curiosity. It shows your style and preferences of communicating and learning. In other words, Mercury reflects your capacity to collect, sort, and communicate the knowledge you gain through your experiences and your senses. In conclusion, a strong Mercury in one’s chart, free of any negative aspects, indicates a brilliant mind.

Interpretations for the Mercury in each zodiac sign are available here: The Mercury in the zodiac signs 



The Mercury in the 1st houseMercury in houses

The House of self!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 1st house – You are adaptable, clever, inquisitive, eloquent, witty and high-strung. Above all, you want to know something about a lot of things. Your speeches and writings reflect your own personal opinions. Also, you have restless nerves which keep your body slim. But , this could cause nervous disorders. You love talking about what interests you. People with Mercury in the first house have an inquisitive nature and an intellectual outlook. They easily adapt to new circumstances and they are funny and smart. This placement gives the native a straight petite body with small eyes and an expressive face. They have a strong desire to share information verbally. They can also be prolific writers. In other words, they can excel in any career where writing is involved.
  • Typical effects of  Mercury in 1st House: Firstly, their mind is restless and constantly seeks useful information. These people have distinct opinions and they like to talk about them. Secondly, they are self-oriented. Natives are usually way ahead of others in thinking. Above all, they are quick and consistent learners. Their first reaction to new stimuli is logical and curious rather than emotional.
  • Advice – You have to learn to think things through, and you will always have an interested audience.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 1st House: Instinctive, Literary, Intelligent, Quick, Curious, Energetic
  •  Negative features for Mercury in 1st House: Impatient, Restless, Distracted, Brusque, Insensitive, Rude
  • Ruling Planet of the house -Mars
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Famous people with this placement: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, George W. Bush, Selena Gomez, Freddie Mercury, Grace Kelly, Mahatma Gandhi

The Mercury in the 2nd   house

Natal chart
Planets in astrology

The House of money and possessions!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 2nd  house –you use your wit, knowledge and versatility to make money. Also, you like to talk about money. In other words, money is on your mind. You may earn money with an ability to communicate ideas to others, through writing and speaking. You have financial skills.  But, your money may come and go, regardless. In conclusion, it is a position that makes people to value material things.
  • Moon in the second house is also related to the vocal talent of the native. They make great songwriters and singers. These people are bright and smart. Above all, they have a talent for financial and business transactions. These people usually have more material than intellectual values.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 2nd House: Above all, natives are naturally blessed with the talent to think of different ways to make money. These people have the ability to achieve financial success through their communication skills. Money is always in their mind. They are great with numbers. So, professions like a mathematician, financial advisors or money management are quite apt for them.
  • Advice – Let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to get messy once in a while. You’ll be glad you did. Positive features for Mercury in 2nd House: Powerful, Clever, Smart, Practical, Logical, Rational
  • Negative features for Mercury in 2nd House: Slow, Stubborn, Fixed, Inflexible
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Famous people with this placement: Leonardo Di Caprio, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Isaac Newton

 The Mercury in the 3rd  houseMercury in 3th house

The House communication!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 3rd house – You are clever, alert, adaptable, versatile and studious. Mercury here stimulates the mind and the body. So, you can express your ideas fluently. Also, you have the ability to bring your ideas to completion. You are apt to be a factotum. They are deep thinkers. But they are also bright, adaptable and versatile. If negatively aspected, it can indicate someone who is only concerned with profit.
  • There may be many short journeys. This is a good position for teachers. In other words, for those concerned with detailed work. Writing or speaking ability is present. So, the natives feel their best when they’re moving even if its a short distance. Professions that suits the best for these natives are writing, telecommunications, transportation, web design, publishing, speaking and journalism.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 3rd   House: Firstly,this position stimulates the mind. It forms humorous people who are able to express themselves skillfully. Secondly, natives express their views with ease and have different talents.
  • Advice – Talk to those closest to you for advice and help.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 3rd House: Communicator, Talkative, Multitasking, Expressive, Curious
  • Negative features for Mercury in 3rd House: Restless, Forgetful, Scatterbrained, Impatient
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Famous people with this placement: Adele, Sting, Walt Disney, Denzel Washington, René Descartes, Pharrell Williams, Usher

The Mercury in the 4th    house

Mercury in natal chart

The House of Home!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 4th  house – You tend to be studious, with literary interests. Above all, you like to study at home. Continual studying gives you a sense of inner security. There can be many changes of residences due to your restlessness. Also, you have a need to find a place for yourself. Wherever you end up, your home will no doubt contain a study area or a special spot where you can just talk to friends and acquaintances. Learning will be important to these individuals – and to their parents. The home could also be a place of work.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 4th House – Firstly, natives are hungry for education, and connected to their home. Secondly, these people are irritable and they find it hard to relax.
  • Advice – You may be high-strung and need to learn to relax and take a break from all that book work.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 4th House: Homely, Intellectual, Helpful, Nostalgic, Conventional, Smart
  • Negative features for Mercury in 4th House: Manipulative, Narrow-Minded, Inflexible, Inexpressive
  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Famous people with this placement: Eva Longoria, Charlie Sheen, Stephen King, Indira Gandhi, Aleister Crowley, Prince Charles

The Mercury in the 5th     house

Planets in natal chart

The House creativity and pleasure!.

  • If you have the Mercury in the 5th house – You have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a mental nature. You desire to teach others and to learn from them as well. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a journey for you. Also, you love games of strategy because they challenge your intellect. You have acting, writing, or speaking ability. You enjoy stimulating the minds of others and encouraging your listeners to greater things. So, romances need to involve someone with whom you can communicate intelligently and relate to mentally. Above all, sexiness is in the brain. You desire to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 5th  House: Firstly, these people have the ability to express themselves dramatically and powerfully. Secondly, they are talented teachers and actors. Above all, they require mental activity.
  • Advice – You want all your loved ones to have a good time. Focus on that aspect of your storytelling, and everything else will fall into place.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 5th House: Pleasing, Exciting, Lively, Humorous, Witty, Productive, Loyal Negative features for Mercury in 5th House: Melodramatic, Hurtful, Egoistic, Liar
  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Famous people with this placement: Shia Labeouf, Ringo Starr, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Mozart, Charlie Chaplin, Victor Hugo

The Mercury in the 6th     housePlanets in zodiac

The House health and service!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 6th  house – You have analytical ability with a love of computers and electronics. If you become too concerned with details, your nerves may become frayed. This could cause health problems. Any health problem reflects wrong thinking and worry. Service, possibly of a mental nature, appeals to you. Variety in your work or workplace is important. You may be restless with a desire for frequent job changes.  Issues of health and diet interest you. these people are likely to have a job that requires a specialization or physical skills,. They have the tendency to become perfectionists. Those people worry unnecessarily, especially about their duties, health and diet. Above all, they hate mess.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 6th House: Firstly, the native is at risk of getting health issues like stress and anxiety. Secondly, this natal placement will bring the native’s inclination towards social services
  • Advice – A constant effort should be made to keep up the peace of mind. Also, speak your mind, and you will feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 6th House: Meticulous, Perfectionist, Active, Meticulous, Spontaneous Negative features for Mercury in 6th House: Confused, Nervous, Critical
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Famous people with this placement: Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Adolf Hitler, Bruce Willis, Miley Cyrus, Carl Jung, Kate Moss

The Mercury in the 7th  house

The House of partnerships!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 7th  house – your relationships tend to gravitate towards people who are intelligent, thought-provoking and learned. You need to communicate and exchange ideas with your partner. you are always up for a good debate. You may spend much time thinking about your relationship. Marriage may be quite often on your mind. Above all, you desire a partner who challenges you mentally. Their value is enhanced if they help you better adapt with others. Yet that is what you seek in a partner. Nervousness or mental imbalance may be present. Your partner may possibly be connected with education, writing, traveling, sales, language interpretation or computer work.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 7th  House: Firstly, these people are attracted to clever and expressive people. Their need to relate with someone mentally usually leads to marriage with an intelligent and educated person. Secondly, they have a talent for communicating with the public.
  • Advice – In order to achieve the most positive results from any partnership you should learn to control your argumentativeness and your desire to criticize.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 7th House: Competitive, Talkative, Balanced, Analytical, Controlled Negative features for Mercury in 7th House: Over-Analytical, Indecisive, Questioning Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Ruling  Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Famous people with this placement: John Lennon, Robbie Williams, Salman Khan, Princess Diana, Sigmund Freud, Prince

The Mercury in the 8th     houseMercury in houses

The House of sexuality!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 8th  house –You have talent for analysis, research, insight, tax preparation, insurance and detective work. Above all, you want to get to the bottom of who, what, where and why. They like to think about life. So, their interest in human behavior and human reactions are the reason why they often study related fields. Natives love uncovering secrets of other people; they keep their own very well hidden. You may tend to worry over fluctuating finances. Watch a tendency to gossip about others. Also, your mind may be preoccupied with death, sex, healing, magic or psychic phenomena.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 8th  House: This placement blesses the native with good results related to health, profession, marriage, finances and spiritual growth. Nothing is off limits for them. Taboo and shocking things give them the jollies. They are good in careers in financial or estate planning.
  • Advice – Try to lower your inhibitions when it comes to revealing things about yourself. Once you get to know someone well, it’s only fair that they get to know you in return.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 8th House: Intense, Powerful, Strong, Strategist, Intuitive, Straightforward
  • Negative features for Mercury in 8th House: Extremist, Aloof, Detached, Inexpressive Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Famous people with this placement: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jordan, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Rafael Nadal, Jared Leto, Demi Moore

 The Mercury in the 9th     housePlanets in natal chart

The House of philosophy and travel!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 9th  house –You are flexible, with an adaptable mind which has an interest in intellectual pursuits, law, religion or philosophy. You are full of many ideas and beliefs. Also you have the ability to express them verbally. You enjoy travel and foreign culture. Above all  traveling it is particularly educational for you. You have the ability to learn foreign languages. You may be a teacher Interest may exist in publishing or advertising. Placement of Planet Mercury shows one’s great inclination towards spiritual learning. In other words, the person can actually become a spiritual speaker due to the effect of mercury in this house.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 9th  House: Firstly, native’s mind is quick and easily understands abstract concepts. Secondly, natives have a strong inclination towards matters like religion, spirituality, travelling, higher studies, philosophies.
  • Advice – Learn to focus on one thing at a time, and study your environment. This will do wonders to your point of view, and help to round out your opinion of the world.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 9th House: Intellectual, Philosophical, Consistent, Adaptive, Conversationalist
  • Shadow features for Mercury in 9th House: Restless, Impatient, Judgmental
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Famous people with this placement: John Travolta, Mila Kunis, Gwen Stefanie, Nelson Mandela, Jessica Alba, Al Pacino, Rihanna 

The Mercury in the 10th  houseMercury in houses

The House of career or social status!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 10th  house – You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to be recognized for them. You will write or speak as a career. So, the teaching profession holds promise for you. Your mental alertness lead you to a field where this is a real necessity. Also, you may have several jobs, as you have a variety of talents. There is a possibility of travel in your profession. These people express themselves well both orally and in writing. In other words, their job is important to them and their career is carefully and thoroughly planned. When negativity aspected, it can produce someone who uses dishonest means to acquire power.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 10th  House: Their words carry an aura of authority, which can make them powerful leaders. The native is versatile. They know exactly when and how to manipulate their speech in order to influence people. The native gets to travel a lot mostly because of the profession they are in.
  • Advice – Be sure to take some time for yourself and figure out what else you want out of life besides a successful career.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 10th House: Reasonable, Thoughtful, Analytical, Authoritative, Dedicated Keywords for Mercury in 10th House: Materialistic, Offensive, Demeaning Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Famous people with this placement: James Dean, Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, Martin Luther King, Heidi Klum

The Mercury in the 11th  housePlanets in natal chart

The House of friendships!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 11th  house – you have an original, comprehensive, adaptable and intellectual mind. Your goals are obtained through the use of your mind. Above all, you choose friends who stimulate your mind. Often you choose younger friends. You find it stimulating to converse with friends who share opposing views. The opinions of these people are unbiased, impersonal and always friendly. They could be the spokesmans or secretary for their favorite group or organization. They may use their intelligence in order to influence people for their selfish reasons.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 11th  House Above all, the native likes to take qualities of their friends and social circle. If the mercury is retrograde, the native feels a sense of detachment from the worldly desires and seeks solitude . That eventually might take their inclination towards spirituality.
  • Advice – You will have to prioritize helping other people with their problems and taking care of your own. Also, take your life one day at a time, one activity at a time, and you will achieve the spiritual enlightenment you are looking for.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 11th House: Talkative, Humanitarian, Just, Independent, Unique, Open
  • Negative features for Mercury in 11th House: Manipulative, Confused, Silly
  • Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Famous people with this placement: Anne Hathaway, Mitt Romney, Zayn Malik, Claudia Schiffer, Donald Trump, Cher, Gaddafi

The Mercury in the 12th  housenatal chart

The House of subconscious!

  • If you have the Mercury in the 12th  house –you have a perceptive, intuitive and subtle mind with an interest in the metaphysical world. You have powerful intuition. Most importantly, you can absorb knowledge intuitively and you understand more than you wish to divulge. Also, you are secretive and have the ability to understand the deeper meanings of voice and hand gestures. They are excellent keepers of secrets, which makes them people you can trust.
  • Secret enemies may try speak evil of you. You may lack confidence in yourself. Be careful, you may find yourself limited if you allow your nerves to become too frayed. Be careful of your ears and your hearing, which may be weak.
  • Typical effects of Mercury in 12th  House: Firstly, their decisions are based on emotions instead on logical thinking. Thinking of these people is influenced by their subconscious. Secondly, they have a tendency to be secretive and they do not like to express their opinions. Especially, in the public.
  • Advice – When you have a goal but are having trouble reaching it, ask your friends, and loved ones for advice. You’ll be thankful you did.
  • Positive features for Mercury in 12th House: Selfless, Listener, Sensitive, Empathetic, Intuitive
  • Negative features for Mercury in 12th House: Vulnerable, Nervous, Secretive, Insecure
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Famous people with this placement: Bach, Hugh Grant, Anthony Hopkins, Saddam Hussein, George Michael, Mary-Kate Olsen

The interpretation of astrology houses here offers just one portion of the entire image. We also got to see the position of other planets in the horoscope. In other words, each planet has a distinct impact on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in.


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