The monthly horoscope for April 2023

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At the beginning of the month, Mercury enters Taurus and creates opportunities for decisions about changes in work, especially for those who want to change jobs. Libra also has a full Moon, triggering falling in love and great empathy. During April, with Venus in Gemini, partnership relations are excellent and full of understanding. Unfortunately, at the end of the month, Mercury goes into a retrograde cycle, which will increase tensions at work.



This month it is best to let your actions speak for you. If you want to explain and argue, you will only get into trouble and complicate complex situations. Instead, postpone trips and meaningful negotiations for another, more favorable date. This also applies to your seduction plans because, right now, someone else has the winning love cards. The person you are attracted to is entirely different than you imagine.



Although you would prefer to indulge in socializing and all other casual pleasures, you have a lot of work to do. And not only at the workplace. You must finish everything you have been putting off for a long time. And face some unpleasant people and situations. If you do, everything will be much easier later. Your creative potential will be particularly pronounced, which you can use exceptionally well if you do the kind of work in which it is appreciated. Be careful with money.



The idealism with which you approach your work will not help you realize your goals. This is the time of planning and waiting for an auspicious moment, not the time of learning projects. You will be much more successful if you use your energy in an association or in community service. You will have the opportunity to resolve old disagreements with a friend and explain your actions and statements. Unusually, you will be more inclined to demonstrate some things by your example than to try to prove yourself right with words.



Due to tension and nervousness, you will not be able to make any progress on the professional front. Please don’t talk too much about your intentions because someone may try to prevent you from carrying them out. Overcome your timidity and indecision, and take action! Success will not be absent. Although you would like to travel somewhere, it is better to do it in your imagination because, in reality, everything can be very complicated. And the question is whether you currently have enough money for that.



There’s nothing you won’t do when you’re inspired by an idea you believe in. This can happen to you right now, but what excited you at the beginning will not turn out to be great. Be especially careful with money. If you like someone as a person, it doesn’t mean that you can lend them your money. Because of what will happen to you this month, you may change your opinion about some people. It was high time. As always, experience is the best teacher.




Relying on someone else is not the worst thing to happen to you. It is known that you like to rely on your strengths and organization the most, but this time it is better to leave everything to someone who will do it better. Unexpectedly, your romantic streak will awaken, and you will suddenly look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Waking up may not be pleasant, but relax and enjoy it. It will be nice while it lasts. Stay curious. Some other people’s secrets you don’t want to know.



If you want something exciting to happen on the love front, here’s your chance. However, you may quickly get tired of the excellent dynamics and wish everything would be as calm and monotonous as before. You will not like that you will have the impression that you are not in control of your own life, but it will seem that other people and external circumstances influence you too much. Therefore, it is essential to be clear in your daily communication. Pay attention to this to avoid being in a complicated and unpleasant situation.



Although many obligations are ahead of you, if you organize yourself well, you will do everything exactly as you imagined. It’s the right moment to get in shape after winter laziness. You are full of energy and enthusiasm; with just a little effort, you will get yourself into a desirable condition. You are not objective when it comes to the person you like. It is entirely different from what you think. You will be highly creative and imaginative both professionally and privately.



Spring has a highly stimulating effect on you. You will indulge all your senses in good company, pleasures, and romantic adventures. A person from your past who you were sure you would never see again can walk into your life unexpectedly. The feelings you had for her still haven’t faded. The ideal opportunity for moving, buying, and selling an apartment is less favorable than it seems at first glance. Wait a little longer with your real estate plans.



Most of your time will be spent engaged in family obligations. Although this is usually not a problem, you soon feel burdened and tired. And that is to such an extent that you will start coming up with excuses to avoid being around your family. Communication with a business associate will be more challenging than it seems at first glance. Neither you nor he will be inclined to say directly what you do not like about the other. The silence can last indefinitely.



Your money management will go poorly this month. It will disappear from your wallet in mystical ways. But it can appear in it just as mystically. If you plan to fight for a better business position, there is a better time for such a thing. This does not mean that your efforts will fail, but you will not be able to control or direct the situation in a direction that suits you. You can spend the excess energy on exercise, but also on a short trips. The only thing that matters is that you don’t get bored.



You will have the opportunity to make a significant move professionally. However, you must show a little independence and initiative to take advantage of this opportunity. During this period, you will be particularly sensitive to everything around you. That’s why you’ll need a break occasionally to recharge your batteries and balance yourself. Give yourself time to engage in your favorite hobby regardless of your daily duties. It will benefit you.

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