The monthly horoscope for February 2023.

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At the beginning of the month of lovers, the full moon in Leo brings a very active love life and new acquaintances. Also, Saturn comes out of the retrograde shadow, and many things from the past come to an end. The New Moon in Pisces during February will create new opportunities for the unemployed and more significant gains for those waiting for some payments.


Work: This month will be marked by numerous and dynamic business activities. You can freely say how you will operate in many areas of action, but the general link of your endeavors could be strenuous. As a result, some of you could react capriciously in the second half of the month and even to your detriment.

Love: Due to the effects of the described planetary transits, misunderstandings and friction between you and your loved one could occur. On the one hand, you will feel a strong bond that connects you, and on the other hand, you will be prone to quarrels. The more aggressive among you could hurt your partner more.

Health: You could have problems if you engage in jobs and activities that require a high dose of manual or mental precision. If you are an active road user, the second half of February brings you the need for increased caution.


Work: Work invested and material satisfaction will not match. Nevertheless, you must overcome all this in the familiar stoic way because the more favorable period of March will follow. Besides, the first part of the year will put you in front of even more substantial challenges.

Love: February will put you in front of severe love challenges. You will have plenty of opportunities to prove your fidelity, for love entanglements and stresses, ups and downs. Adventures and unexpected situations are possible, and your freedom of choice is up to you.

Health: A small number of members of your sign will go through February with steely and undamaged health. The best prevention is a healthy lifestyle.


Work: Your valuable and innovative ideas will be used in a way that you will not like, and you will not be in a position to defend your job or to charge well for your knowledge and services in general. The second half of the month will bring setbacks on the professional front, and in addition, you will be blocked by colleagues who need help to keep up with your pace. Because of all this, expect a slightly more nervous February than usual.

Love: The relationship with a loved one, although stable, will not go smoothly, primarily because of business and general life problems and difficulties we are all exposed to. You must believe in love, even when there are real reasons to doubt it.

Health: February is the month in which you will finally decide to fix your health problems.


Work: Certain reasons could prompt you to ask your superiors for an increase in financial position. You’d better not do that because you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. However, if we ignore that moment we are warning you about, part of the month will be smooth for most members of your sign.

Love: During the month, there will be enough days for both pets and quarrel with a loved one, but the general impression is that this could be a relatively good month for you. Your loved one will need your love and support for most of February, giving you the right opportunity to prove your love to them.

Health: You could experience the usual winter ailments in the form of colds and other acute respiratory infections, which you will be able to cope with best if you avoid large crowds and eat healthy food with plenty of vitamins.


Work: February is usually a somewhat difficult month for you. Therefore, you could divide this February into three equally long periods, of which the first ten days will be the least favorable for you, followed by better days in which, truth be told, there will be negations and challenges, but also good business opportunities that you will need to recognize.

Love: Some of you may be prone to hasty reactions in love, that is, to react a little rashly to the behavior of a loved one. There is a possibility of drawing wrong conclusions. However, there are no objective reasons for this, so it is best to show your lion’s nobility in all situations, rise above small paradigms and hiccups and enjoy the love of your loved one.

Health: Eventually, some of you will suffer from persistent headaches caused by worries. Worries can hardly solve any problem, so practicing a bright outlook on the world around you would be better. On the weekend night of February 19/20, do not drink if you drive and vice versa.


Work: You will not feel a lack of strength and energy, but your activity in specific fields will be hindered or blocked. If you keep a healthy outlook on things, the second half of February will not be complicated; more significant challenges will come later. Try not to react nervously to attempts at destabilization early this month.

Love: As a rule, there should be no significant problems in love, although you enter the month of February with a misunderstanding with your loved one. What is vague between you, very they will come clean quickly. And that’s a good thing because both of you will be exposed to temptations during the month, and let’s not forget that this is the month of lovers and that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Health: Your health will be tested this month. Planetary positions and transits point to the need to pay much attention to your health. Beware of harmful environmental influences, and do not overexpose yourself.


Work: The correct word would be a challenge for you. So the situation will put you in positions where you must make quick decisions. We hope they will be accurate. Your natural gift to wait for as many circumstances as possible to be clarified before making final decisions will help you in this.

Love: This month could put you in front of numerous love challenges. For those who are married, there will be a rapprochement that they have been waiting for a long time, and those who are single have all the predispositions to enter into a relationship.

Health: You must pay attention to stomach problems in time, so they do not culminate. Eat healthier and eat less.


Work: You will work reliably, precisely, and diligently throughout the month, carried by a firm belief in the final success of your projects. Many things go your way, and this period suits you, although, of course, you, like everyone else, have a hard time with the crisis and the necessary sacrifices. But let’s say that you tolerate them more quickly than others.

Love: During February, the erotic component of the love story will be emphasized the most. Planetary positions and mutual aspects make the story tenser, and love can quickly turn into a fight whenever it’s edgy.

Health: Beware of colds and flu, which can affect you very firmly in February.


Work: Except for a short period at the beginning of February, during the whole month, the superior authorities will be favorable to you, and you will be able to count on their help and support. We won’t promise you a raise, but you shouldn’t expect anything evil to affect your financial situation. February will be a good month for your work and business success.

Love: As with other signs, a vital erotic component of love inspiration will prevail with you this month. You can achieve a very dynamic February of love, in the middle of which, not coincidentally, Valentine’s Day also falls.

Health: Certain disturbances will cause your old chronic ailments, and you can also bring this under control with preventive medical measures.


Business: Our position is more vital by the rules and regulations of social norms. This general assessment is mainly related to your sign, which does not hide its ambitions in business activity. So, the more you comply with the Laws, the more you will profit in business and personally.

Love: This month, all those members of your sign who are in solid and stable, and thus quality relationships, will profit quite a bit. You will have great intuition and understanding of your partner and his needs, which they will be able to appreciate. Those of you could have more fleeting relationships and adventures, the common link being that they all promise much more than they deliver.

Health: In the second half of the month, they could succumb to transient difficulties and acute inflammatory conditions of typical, seasonal, winter etiology, such as flu and colds.


Work: Most of you are not impressed by authority figures anyway, so that interference and interference in your style could be felt as a disincentive for your work. However, apart from an inappropriate reaction, there is always a more excellent way to say if something bothers you.

Love: This February, right around Saint Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, there is a possibility of a romantic encounter and a pleasant experience. Aquarians in happy relationships will enjoy the affection of their partners. For single people, February will provide plenty of entertainment because this is also the time of the carnival when numerous masks are put on or dropped.

Health: Most of the members of your sign will be bothered by seasonal ailments of the respiratory organs, and some will have chronic conditions.


Work: Many of your plans might be realized positively and successfully. Some of you will strengthen your professional status, and for the few lucky ones, despite the crisis that reigns all around us, the improvement of the material situation is smiling.

Love: The most excellent value for you in February will be the strength and durability of your love relationship with your partner. Excellent and stable aspects of the planet guarantee quality to those couples in good, long-lasting relationships.

Health: For those who have chronic ailments, we can announce that their condition will improve.


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