The Moon in Air signs

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The planet Moon is one of the most celestial bodies in astrology. The Moon  bears an enormous influence and it lines out the psychological profile of a person. This person is is intuitive, sensitive, and intimate and refers to the deepest emotions. In horoscope, it stands for a woman, mother, wife, sister and anything related to the female gender. It is also related to fertility, family, home, state, nation…

rp_gemini-3-287x3001.jpgThe Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini brings along instability and inconsistency, whether on emotional or business field. Their versatility regarding their interests is sometimes superficial. They find it hard to make decisions, they are not independent and they are chronically anxious. The Moon when afflicted leads to heavy depression and irritable behavior..

rp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgThe Moon in Libra

The Charming, very tolerant persons born in this Moon position are simply radiant with their appearance no matter of the circumstances. They cannot stand loneliness and they look for company in any occasion. The Moon brings them popularity and they are often found in younger company. If the Moon is afflicted, there is a danger of obesity and skin problems.

rp_aquarius-248x300.jpgThe Moon in Aquarius

The position of the Moon in Aquarius indicates to idealism, vivid imagination, endeavor for independence and unconventionality. They are sensitive and gentle. They express interest for astrology, occult sciences and secret societies. They react feisty to injustice; they are capable to sacrifice themselves for their ideals, almost never thinking about the material side.


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