The Moon in Earth signs

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moonAstrological characteristics of the Moon
Characteristics: water, cardinal
Essential dignity in Cancer
Exile: in Capricorn
Exaltation in Taurus
Fall in Scorpio

The Moon is, after the Sun, one of the most celestial bodies in astrology. Moon has  an enormous influence and it lines out the psychological profile of a person. Person born under this influence is intuitive, sensitive, and intimate and refers to the deepest emotions. In horoscope, it stands for a woman, mother, wife, sister and anything related to the female gender. It is also related to fertility, family, home, state, nation.

The Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus describes a person full of hope and ambition. These kinds of persons search for emotional and financial security. They are strongly influenced by their environment, and they can be very jealous when they fall in love.

The Moon in Virgo

The moon in Virgo primarily points to calm, practical and persistent persons. They approach life with clearly defined goals; they don’t have much understanding for time lost in daydreaming. They are too analytical and perfectionists, constantly searching for perfection. One can also discuss sexually perverted persons in constant search for new kinds of carnal pleasures. They have to perform any kind of work to the point of perfection because they do not accept even the slightest error.

The Moon in Capricorn

Seriousness, durability and cold emotions characterize persons born in this Moon position. They divert all their attention towards acquiring better social status and traditional values. If the Moon is good aspects, it can bring financial abundance and esteem, while in the case of afflicted Moon, degradation from position may occur, as well as ruined reputation and influence.

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