The Moon in Fire signs

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The Moon is, after the Sun, one of the most celestial bodies in astrology. It bears an enormous influence and it lines out the psychological profile of a person. It is intuitive, sensitive, and intimate and refers to the deepest emotions. In horoscope, it stands for a woman, mother, wife, sister and anything related to the female gender. It is also related to fertility, family, home, state, nation…

ovan 2The Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries forms a person with vivid imagination, independent, courageous and practical. They do not accept when an outsider dictates their life path, they can be impulsive, heavy and active. They are known to be able to express aggression. Afflicted Moon brings along psychological problems, as well as material and money obsession.

leoThe Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo makes a person largely egocentric, proud and luxury wanting. They are hardheaded and proud, they cannot stand sub ordinance. Everything about them is pompous, public, tangible and in the function of fame. They are generous until you oppose them, when they transform into tyrants and dictators.

rp_Sagittarius-3-300x3001-300x300.jpgThe Moon in Sagittarius

The persons with this Moon position are noble, humane, merciful and usually in a very good mood. They are always ready to forgive, they quickly forget bad deeds, they are sincere and free minded. They are often socially distinguished and they may have a lot of success in politics and religion. One place does not hold them; they are always on the move and often change a place of living.


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