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direcThe location and movements of the astrological planets, Sun and Moon are major influences of the traits associated with the zodiac signs. These locations are ever changing and continually influence our current horoscope and future events. Each planet rules a specific zodiac sign. However, they all have some type of influence over all of the other signs. The planets, sun and moon have powerful forces at work in the universe and on an individual level. Below are the interpretations of the Moon in the zodiac signs.

The Moon in Ariesaries

  • The message of the Moon in Aries – Show me strength and courage, and I will show you attachment. The Moon in Aries represents the hunger for challenges and they instinctively move towards obstacles, to overcome them and become winners. They always want to be among winners and heroes, since that is the time to feed their emotional needs. They look away from the weak, the fragile and the scared, they feel belonging where there is strength and courage.
  • What to expect during Aries season?  This period  is all about bold energy and fresh starts. You’ll feel more like a pioneer. So, with all this excitable energy, though, it’s easy to make mistakes. In other words  this is a time to counterbalance by double-checking and asking for help. Big surprises might be met with anxiety, or an emotional outburst. This placement can influence us to be quick to argue. So be aware of that intensity in interactions with others.
  • What to expect from Aries? Aries Moon natives can be inspirational, original, courageous, independent, impatient, headstrong, selfish, and impulsive. They can be downright stubborn at times, especially when it comes to making changes that are emotional. The Aries direct their energie toward building a new individuality. The Aries   directs energie  towards themselves and their wishes. Aries natives have executive and organizing ability. Sustaining projects is not their strength, but initiating projects is. Aries natives are capable of great accomplishments if they learn how to use their energies. They are naturally enthusiastic and ready for activity. Ideas and creative projects flow from them. Cooperation with others can be very effective in getting things done to the end. They have a tendency to start a project, then to suddenly lose interest in it, if things have become too complicated or progress is too slow. Aries are very straight-forward and are not subtle. They say what’s on their mind. They don’t hold grudges. Aries can get quite angry, but they do not hold it in and stew about what bothers them. Aries are prone to headaches due to tension. They are usually aggressive in relationships and generally tend to take the lead. They go after what interests them.
  • Advice (If you are Aries) . Patience is not your strong suit. If things don’t happen the way you want, you can go off like a bolt of lightning. Four things an Aries should learn are: patience, conservation of energy, completion, and control of temper.

 The Moon in TaurusTaurus

  • The message of the Moon in Taurus is Be natural, I don’t put fake flowers in vases and do not care for silicones
  • The Moon in Taurus represents stability of emotions and they feel secure in foreseeable circumstances. The feeling of security is very important for inner peace. They hold on to their habits stubbornly and for a long time, why even hurry?  They enjoy being around their family in their own home, and if they don’t have one, be sure that they constantly dream of having one some day. Nature, flowers, art and music ignite their emotions and feelings. They have their favorite flowers, whose scent reminds them of a childhood moment, a favorite song that takes them back to a love in a romantic night. They are happy  when they can entertain friends in their cosy home with carefully served favorite specialties.
  • What to expect during Taurus season?  The moon in Taurus is all about treating yourself. You’ll feel most grounded and comfortable when surrounded by nice things. So don’t be afraid to indulge; within reason. You can also be either steadfast or stubborn. But whatever you do, do it on your own time. In te other words, when you do commit to doing something, do it right. One of this season is that conserving your energy comes naturally. So, you will keep the perfect balance of work and play.
  • What to expect from Taurus? They are resourceful, determined, and persistent. They perhaps have a green thumb and are good at getting anything to grow. Taurus people are happy  when working with their hands,. Possessions and material things are of great significance to Taurus. This is because they don’t feel emotionally secure unless they can see the objects they own. They can be downright and stubborn at times, especially when it comes to making changes that are emotional. Taurus work at a slower pace than most, but they always finish projects they start. They are reliable, trustworthy and steadfast. Taurus natives can be lead, but never pushed. It takes a lot to make a Taurus mad, but if they are pushed over the edge, then all heck can break lose. Don’t rush them or push them. Taurus natives are slow to change their opinions. People tend to feel secure around Taurus natives. In times of crisis, they are patient and have the ability to come up with practical solutions. Taurus natives can be extremely affectionate and romantic, but, they do have a fear of loss.
  • Advice (If you are Taurus) You need to learn detachment. They need to learn to desire mental and spiritual things and to release the desire to possess things. Too great a comfort with the status quo can prevent them from making necessary changes.

 The Moon in Geminigemini

  • The message of the Moon in Gemini is –  I think, therefore I feel.
  • The Moon in Gemini are women inside women. If you have them for partners, you get two instead of one, and a couple more in the next few days. Feelings and emotions must be put into words to be consumed, to be felt as pleasure or disappointment, to search for someone to talk to, or to put them on paper to create a confession of a soul, inner life or current mood. Emotions and feelings are sometimes filled with romance, joy and play, but as soon as reason takes charge you can hear an abundance of criticism about anything at all. While they walk alongside you, the other part of them thinks whethr you are practical or reasonable enough and whether the walk itself is reasonable at all.
  • What to expect during Gemini season?  This is the most sociable placement. The Gemini’s charming and chatty influence makes you feel good even with a stranger. However, the moon needs time to recharge, so take a step back when you find yourself getting sensitive. Make sure you’re actually listening to others rather than waiting for your turn to speak. Sometimes the moon in Gemini can feel a little chaotic, but you can find balance in your community.
  • What to expect from Gemini? Gemini tend to intellectualize their feelings. Their moods come through their words. At times they are totally unaware of their  own or other people’ deeper feelings and emotional needs. It is important for a Gemini to seek intellectual satisfaction. Mental stagnation turns them off. Gemini think quickly on their feet and have the ability to use the right words in any situation. They possess a good sense of humor.
  • Gemini are friendly, talkative, curious, intuitive and logical. They can also be quite contradictory, critical, and impatient. Gemini people enjoy work that includes a great deal of variety. They love to do several things all at the same time. Gemini natives tend to flit from one experience to another. Gemini use their minds rather than their hearts to find their way through things. Logic and reason are their guidelines. Some of the negative traits are lack of concentration and focus indecisiveness, superficiality, wishful thinking and dreaminess.
  • Advice (If you are Gemini) Nervous tension, anxiety, and stress may be a problem for Gemini. They dislike arguments and have a tendency to talk too much. Mental control should be developed or else indecisiveness and constant changing of their  mind will become a way of life for they.

The Moon in Cancercancer

  • The message of the Moon in Cancer is – My soul is open, but its depths to be lost in are unknown.
  • The Moon in Cancer represents protective and sensitive reactions and feels safe when is cared for and when they care for others as well. They can reach a rainbow after a long rain carried by their own fantasy despite the inner voice warning them that they can be lost in the outside world. Their tears are shed from the deep rivers of their soul and announce retirement into their own world, falling  into silence in which they stay in for days. If you think that they will forget the night they were hurt, you are mistaken. They have an excellent memory of all past feelings. They don’t have to be mad or angry at you, they are just disappointed in life and if you manage to take a look, you will notice a thousand layers of different moods that can cast a shadow over their face. Turning back to the known chambers ignites yearning that cannot be satisfied.
  • What to expect during Cancer season?  This is a peak self-care placement. This is a time to retreat into routines that make you feel safe. A Cancer moon encourages us to take care of ourselves and others around us. This placement is the peace-seeker, trying to find harmony with others. This impulse to help others can take on a self-sacrificing quality. So try not to compromise your own needs..
  • What to expect from Cancer? Cancer  very easily respond to the emotional environment in which they are placed. Emotionally, they are up one minute and down the next. These mood swings are difficult for others to understand. Cancer natives are tenacious, sympathetic, sociable, thrifty, protective, argumentative, sensitive, emotional, and patriotic. Cancer respond to life through their emotions rather than through their minds. They unconsciously seek sympathy and attention and affection from others. They have a strong need to feel secure. Home and family bring the highest sense of security and want to be first with those they love or they are very unhappy. Their tendency to keep all their problems to themselves is the reason some of them suffer from ulcers. Cancer has excellent memories. Cancer natives are home loving. No matter how far they may roam, they always want a home to come back to.
  • Advice (If you are Cancer) Learning to control their own moods may be very difficult, yet necessary. Their greatest need is to nurture someone or ones. Their senses and emotions are quite strong and it would be wise for them to listen to their  intuitive side as they can be quite psychic.

 The Moon in Leoleo

  • The message of the Moon in Leo is: Put a lot of creative energy into your surroundings, that can create something magnificent.
  • The moon in Leo represents overjoyed reactions, especially if they refer to a personal success. Do not even think to turn the Moon in Leo into your servant or a maid, their emotional stability is connected with leadership . They feel stability when they have a dominant role. Pride and dignity are also present, they do not waste time on shallow intimate relationships, and if you are not strong, they will never let you become close or give themselves to you. Sun light and warmth are inside their soul, although there can be a problem present with connecting to the inner voice. Inflated ego will not allow relaxing and getting back to the inner world. A sense of comfort is also present, as well as emotional fulfillment if something is done that ensures a dominant role.
  • What to expect during Leo  season?  When the Moon is in Leo, the best thing to remember is that there’s a time to be bold and a time to lay low. In other words,  try not to let pride get in your way, as cooler heads will prevail here. Leos are dedicated and passionate, making this a particularly romantic time! Also Leo usually demands to be seen, wanting the spotlight.
  • What to expect from Leo? Leos are warm, generous, and loving, ambitious and loyal. They can be quite demanding, intolerant and self-centered. Although appearing strong on the outside, most Leos are inwardly sensitive. When this occurs, they can turn on the object of their affection, when their pride is hurt.Leos have a decided flair for the dramatic and they enjoy being the center of attention.
  • Their feelings get hurt when they feel ignored. They dislike emotional games and dishonesty. Leos roar at people when they are angry. But once their tirade is over, they forgive and forget and never hold a grudge inside them. It is important to them that they feel recognized and appreciated.
  • Advice (If you are Leo)  Try not to dramatize the events in your life and your feelings. On the negative side, you may be ego-oriented, vain and ostentatious with a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve.

 The Moon in Virgovirgo

  • The message of the Moon in Virgo is: Emotions are connected with the feeling of purity inside your heart and soul.
  • The Moon in Virgo represents the wish for order that provides comfort, also a tendency for analyzing the emotional world, which leads to a tangible improvement. Emotions are shy, but if they find themselves in a close relationship which is not perfect, and have true love in sight, they will not hesitate to end the relationship they are in. They do not have much imagination and illusions of life and people.  Even in the moments of infatuation, they are often possessed with the purity of the soul. Virgos align inner peace with matters of health. Do not be surprised if they carry on themselves a small handy infirmary. They have a strong feeling of attachment to work and a job, alongside the expectation to be compensated for their efforts and work, because money does matter. So, They refuse to let too sentimental, simple minded, vulgar and untidy people into their inner intimate world. Virgos have troubles for emotional engagement, but be patient, there is a lot being suppressed and shy in this soul.
  • What to expect during Virgo season? This period is all about the details. A Virgo moon makes it easy to retreat into work. While this season can make perfectionism a problem, it also lends to more practical, and dependable tones. The Moon rules our emotional lives. So a Virgo moon tends to keep their emotions close and in check. During this time, the trick here is learning to open  up our minds and let go.
  • What to expect from Virgo? If the Moon is in Virgo, they are very sensitive, cautious, and perhaps shy about showing others their feelings. They are generally reserved, shy, analytical, industrious, systematic, considerate and reliable. Virgos are hard workers who usually have a great deal of common sense. Virgos have a tendency to worry because they desire perfection and are always thinking about how something can be made better. This tension can affect their health, causing intestinal disorders. It may be difficult for them to receive warmth, affection, and they often feel that they don’t really deserve it “. They can therefore seem rather cool and aloof, much more so than they feel.
  •  Advice (If you are Virgo) They need to learn how to forgive themselves and others when Virgo or others do not measure up to perfection.Virgos need to develop a positive outlook on life, Virgo natives need a quiet period each day in order to rest their active minds.

The Moon in LibraLibra


  • The message of the Moon in Libra is: Finding harmony and balance is necessary for emotional peace.
  • The Moon in Libra objectively reacts to his environment and experiences in partner relationships. They always analyze all possible situations before making a move. What may happen if I leave? What if I stay? Libras award too much significance to manners, which can be an obstacle for true intimacy. They never forget common sense, even when there is a goal to get closer to someone. They will probably admire that charming and dear person, smile after just a couple of words said until you get soft on them. Money us necessary for inner and spiritual peace, in order to make a distance from unstable and repulsive environment and dirt, and also to be able to have fun and go out, have nice wardrobe, perfumes, trinkets and art. They also strive to make their own living environment a beautiful place for life. They feel security when having a partner, so fear of loneliness may also be present.
  • What to expect during Libra season?  Libra found it hard to make the right decision. But, the Moon helps cultivate a sense of intuition in your problem-solving skills. The moon in Libra lends itself to partnerships of all kinds. Their prioritys  are safety and harmony. Art and culture are at the forefront of the moon in Libra. This season is encouraging us to seek out beauty in any form.
  • What to expect from Libras? If the Moon is in Libra, they are kind, sympathetic, agreeable, optimistic, fair, and very fond of social pleasures. There is love of art and music with perhaps decided ability as a performer. Pleasant surroundings are important to them.Libra natives enjoy people and human interaction; they have a difficult time being alone. they need to share their life with someone. Libra natives find it virtually impossible to remain emotionally stable if there is discord around them. This leads to their wanting peace at any price. They avoid personal confrontations or any expression of intense, unpleasant behavior or emotion. They strive for peace, harmony, and perfect balance.
  • Libras find difficult to deal with is the desire to put off work for as long as they can. This gives them a reputation for being lazy. They aren’t lazy, of course, if the proper motivation is there. It is, many times, easy for others to sway a Libra’s opinion. A stronger personality can easily dominate a gentler Libra, until the Libra becomes incapable of making a move without consulting the “expert”.
  •  Advice (If you are Libra) Libras need to learn to make up their mind. They see all sides of any issue and they always want to be fair. They must learn to stand up for their principles.

The Moon in ScorpioScorpio

 The message of the Moon in Scorpio is: There are no borders where passion turns into pain, and pain turns into passion.

The Moon in Scorpio reacts passionately and hard as inner peace can be shattered with negative emotions. The feelings are deep and secretive, with a desire to go deep into every experience. Fear of loosing control leads to emotional emptiness. These are puzzling and intoxicating emotions that can enchant and completely seduce. When self-control is lost, harsh emotional responses appear. Feelings range from cold , provocation and sarcasm to a heat equal to the summer Sun scorching earth. There is no such feeling as indifference, or semi interest, there are only two possibilities. Either repulsiveness, or great adoration. They do not run from a danger of challenge that enables them to reach secrets of life and grow stronger. They are able to suffocate with their passion, and even their appearance may present danger to surroundings. One thing is certain, it is   never boring with the Mon in Scorpio.

What to expect during  Scorpio season?  The biggest things in this season are emotions. Scorpios want to get to the truth of the matter, no matter what the cost. So when the Moon is in Scorpio, this can lend itself to emotional outbursts when seeking the truth. As Scorpio is intensely passionate this moon may also bring out some hot sessions in the bedroom. Also this season might bring an interest in breaking out of your comfort zones. In other words, you’re in for a wild ride.

What to expect from  Scorpio? When the Moon is in Scorpio they find it difficult to trust people as they are suspicious of their inner thoughts and plans. They make friends easily and give unwaveringly to them. In these relationships, they like to know what your plans are, but they do not want you to know what they are planning. In matters of love, they are loyal, affectionate and demonstrative, possessive and controlling. They are happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom they can combine emotional and sexual love. It is usually difficult to deceive a Scorpio because their intuition enables them to understand the motives of other people. They receive very strong first impressions of others.

 Advice (If you are Scorpio) Scorpios must learn to let go, or your health will suffer. Learn to express your feelings outwardly rather than repressing them within. Scorpios have the tendency to do things to extremes, either all or nothing. Self-control of the passions is mandatory.

The Moon in Sagittariussagittarius

  •  The message of the Moon in Sagittarius is: Give freedom to the soul, as much as a butterfly has, flying from a flower to a flower.
  • The Moon in Sagittarius reacts idealistically and euphorically. They feel inner peace while heading toward goals in the future. They feel good when they are free, traveling, exploring and being in the open. Sagittarius have a marry attitude towards surroundings, inborn generosity and tolerance, but doesn’t like being ordered. There was no slave owning society for them. There is openness in the private life, there are no word play and puzzles such as “what do you think, what did I dream last night?”or “Guess how old am I?”. He is drawn away from joint life and marriage, due to the fear of loosing freedom. One has to have some skills to make that happen with the Moon In Sagittarius. As long as the soul feels free, and you do not try to tie it up and shackle it, take away hope and optimism from it, you will receive trust and love.
  • What to expect during Sagittarius  season?  The open road is home for this dynamic season. When things get overwhelming, the most soothing activity is time spent outdoors. While this placement does lend itself to socializing, there’s a tendency to avoid emotional problems by retreating into activity. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, tempers can flare easily. So try to approach situations with a calm mind. Prepare to have your perspective shifted.
  • What to expect from Sagittarius? They seem to thrive on travel, sociability, fellowship and expressing their opinions to whomever will listen. Sagittarius tend to be idealistic, optimistic, dependable, friendly, honest and open-minded,. But, they can also be tactless, self-righteous, arrogant, and dictatorial. They like any work where foresight and a willingness to take a chance is offered. At the same time, they try to avoid detailed work. Travel and even long walks appeal to them because they make the Sagittarian feel free. They want to understand the meaning of life. This helps to keep them growing and expanding, which is something they need to do. Sagittarius natives are extremely independent and restless, with a real need for personal freedom. They can experience claustrophobia. This is why they are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. In love, Sagittarius natives are highly romantic. They hate jealousy and possessiveness. They enjoy the chase more than the capture. The Sagittarian may overlook small details, but their overall sense of planning is excellent. They have good memories.
  •  Advice (if you are Sagittarius) Although Sagittarius natives are ordinarily healthy, they can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink. Also This desire for expansion can cause them to overextend themselves with too many activities and to use up their energy too rapidly. They need to take intervals

The Moon in Capricorncapricorn

  • The message of the Moon in Capricorn is: Provide food and a roof over your head, and then give yourself away to feelings and dreams.
  • The Moon in Capricorn reacts very restrained to all circumstances which makes them feel secure and comfortable, while neglecting inner life filled with wishes and yearnings for the sake of fulfilling duty. They take control over situations instinctively, while dominant emotional need decreases ability for intimacy. They are afraid of relaxing in romantic situations, since they do not wish to loose contact with the physical world of facts and sense. That is why only a touch and actual presence can ignite feelings, but they cannot be satisfied passing by or in a night resembling to adventure or short term passion. Tradition and customs must be upheld and nurtured by any cost, and even if they step into a romantic river, they need to be assured that it is safe. Ernest Hemingway is a Moon in Capricorn. He wrote that one should keep their head straight and endure suffering ina way worthy of a man.
  • What to expect during Capricorn s season?  When a Capricorn moon is at play, it is hard to process pain and trauma when and if it arises. For this placement, safety and security will come from a focus on routine, career, and strong family values. Deviation from that routine during this time can throw you off guard and be stressful.
  • What to expect from Capricorn? When the Moon is in Capricorn, they tend to be very serious and responsible, thinking that duty calls first before all else. They are conservative, organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, honest, practical, authoritative and  serious. On the negative side they can be worried, pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious and intolerant. They have a fear of failure.
  • At times, Capricorn natives can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone as if no one understands them. A negative Capricorn will seek retribution for wrongs done him. Capricorn natives need people, but they have a tendency to isolate themselves from people due to their fear of being hurt. They can be very loyal to people they care about. In love, Capricorn are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but usually they feel inhibited in expressing their emotions. To others, they may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough. Their feelings and loyalties run deep, but they often do not let people know how much they care.
  • Advice (If you are Capricorn) Capricorn like to plan their every move. Try to be spontaneous. You must learn to believe in you and become optimistic. You also need to learn to relax, enjoy yourself and play sometimes.

The Moon in Aquariusaquarius

  • The message of the Moon in Aquarius is: Always be honest to yourself, if you follow yourself you might reach the rainbow you dreamed of when you were a child.
  •  Aquarius feels well when they can follow numerous interests they have and when they are socialy accepted. If you want to get closer to the Moon in Aquarius do not tie them up with house work. They belong to everybody, hence, to no one.  Their greatest love is freedom. There is fear that feelings towards only one person can limit their spiritual growth. If the situation get problematic, a quick cooling of feelings will occur. Since they rarely look into past, they often stay in a friendly relationship with their exes. They can leave at any moment, disappear during the night, show up suddenly or never come back. They are often confused within family or when they need to assume the role of mother or a wife.
  • What to expect during Aquarius  season?  This placement balks at standards and traditions. In the emotional realm this season might be accompanied by loneliness. However, the pursuit for higher knowledge is always the key during this time. That’s why innovations in science and technology are common during Aquarius season.
  • What to expect from Aquarius? If the Moon is in Aquarius, their emotions tend to be guided by intellect and they can be very detached when it comes to dealing with them. Aquarius seek to share knowledge with others so Group activity is their customary mode of operation. Since Aquarius natives generally do not have large, pompous or stuffy egos, they rarely bother to exert themselves to win approval or compliments of others.Aquarius get excited about bringing new ideas into old environments.
  • Aquarius natives dislike people who are possessive of them, since they are generally not possessive. They give others a lot of personal freedom. Since they are not concerned as to what other people think of them, they often do not bother forming opinions about other people’s behavior. They can be hesitant about making a total commitment such as marriage or any other partnership, because of their desire for independence. However, when an Aquarian marries, the marriage is usually stable.
  • Advice (If you are Aquarius) They do not like arguments. Aquarius have little patience with those who refuse to hear new concepts. They may have difficulty in understanding the emotional needs of others.

The Moon in Piscespisces

  •  The message of the Moon in Pisces is: The high tide will either carry you to emotional riches or the low tide will stuck you in the mud.
  • The Moon in Pisces expresses feelings chaotically and differently, they can start crying even if they feel good. They will always be there to gently and softly comfort someone, caring and helping are their first instincts. There is a strong need for dreams, but they can often give them up, in order to completely dedicate to another goal. Feelings are variable, they can love you one day and not know what to feel the next, giving over to inner emotional chaos. They often overwhelmed their feelings  with a pink mist, and also have deep mysterious nightmares, that need to be explored.
  • What to expect during Pisces  season?  During a Pisces moon season, connecting to your own emotions, and the emotions of everyone else, can feel like second nature. Pisces moon romanticizes emotions, making things dreamy and potentially confusing. But, they also have  a tendency to idealize and get frustrated with the reality. Among this fantastical tone, a Pisces period may bring more intuitive powers to the surface. So indulge in a little daydreaming during this time. It could be just the inspiration you need!
  • What to expect from Pisces? Pisces are sympathetic, compassionate, idealistic, intuitive, , emotional, creative, secretive, versatile, imaginative and self-sacrificing. They can also be impressionable, indecisive, g, hypersensitive and changeable. Pisces natives are sentimental and romantic in love. At times, they expect too much from others. They have a strong tendency to place their loved one on a pedestal. This leads to disillusionment when they discover their loved one has faults, too.
  • Pisces natives tend to absorb the information and environment around them. Thus it is important that they surround themselves with uplifting people. Although they can appear to be very determined on the outside, underneath, inner doubts are brewing. This insecurity causes them to need reassurance from others. One of their greatest needs is to learn to understand their emotional ups and downs. Since they have a tendency to doubt their own conclusions, they need to learn to believe in themselves.
  • Advice (If you are Pisces) They need to controle their tendencies to daydreaming . A Pisces needs sufficient time each day to be alone while they regain their fluctuating energies.

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