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Characteristics: water, cardinal
Essential dignity in Cancer
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Exaltation in Taurus
Fall in Scorpio

The Moon is one of the most celestial bodies in astrology. It bears an enormous influence and it lines out the psychological profile of a person born under its influence. It is intuitive, sensitive and intimate and refers to the deepest emotions. In horoscope, it stands for a woman, mother, wife, sister and anything related to the female gender. It is also related to fertility, family, home, state, nation.

rp_cancer1-270x300.jpgThe Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer makes a person very sentimental to even minor events in his surroundings. These persons pay a lot of attention to maintaining peace and harmony within their family. They are big patriots and they rarely decide to live outside of their homeland.

rp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgThe Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio brings a lot of activity, will and practical capabilities. Sometimes, a person can be impulsive and destructive, especially if the Moon is afflicted by heavier planets. There is an interest for the occult and the mysterious in the persons born in this Moon position. It can also bring problems in relations with the opposite sex.

rp_Pisces2-196x300.jpgThe Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces makes people calm, mild, gentle and likeable. They have hard time earning money, and the situation may become dramatic if the Moon is afflicted. These circumstances require them to avoid alcohol and opiates in general. Emotions and romance are their stronger sides, and they are prone to crying.

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