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Neptun in zodiacPlanets have major influence on the zodiac signs. Their movements are ever changing and continually influence our current horoscope and future events. Each planet rules a specific zodiac sign.  Below are the interpretations of the Neptune in the zodiac signs. Neptune’s sign influence is a generational one. Neptune teaches us to listen to our inner selves and to trust our unseen senses.

Neptune in AriesNeptune in aries

  • The message of Neptune in Aries – the challenge is to ground yourself with a strong sense of place and purpose
  • Neptune’s influence creates a uniquely calming atmosphere. In this placement, our relationships with others are the focus. You will have a deep inner well of creativity that inspires everyone around us. Our attitude to money and relationships may be wild or thrill-seeking. That could lead to problems in both areas. Also, intimacy can be hard won, with Neptune in Aries. In other words, learning to trust, relax, and let others in will be a challenge. However, this headstrong attitude could also be the key to innovative breakthroughs and discovery.
  • What to expect during Aries season?  Neptune in Aries makes us brave and foolish at the same time. Neptune symbolizes inspiration, illusion, spiritual enlightenment and confusion. This can cause them to deceive people sometimes, while trying to bring people to their side. Some view them as radical. Others see them as visionaries. They can be both at times. But,  they always have the best of intentions at heart. Also, they are fiercely protective of their loved ones. They will do anything to help them. So, with the progressive planet here, you will have your fair share of rivals. The thrill of rebellious acts fuels your sense of self, and you love showing off your originality.
  • What to expect from Aries? Once they have their destination figured out they are determined to reach it. They do not hesitate to take things in new directions. Aries people can become obsessed with freedom and power unless they are careful. They want to raise humanity to a higher plane of existence .They can be very optimistic and accomplish quite a lot through their own power. They can be a very capable leaders, one who knows what to do. Aries are also capable of meddling and trying to run the affairs of others. Those people  may avoid confrontation and fear taking decisive action.
  • Advice (If you are Aries) – You need to learn not to act rashly.   Keep some of your  energy in reserve. Above all, you need to learn  to trust, relax and let others in.

Neptune in TaurusTaurus and planets

  • The message of Neptune in Taurus – Life  doesn’t depend on your possessions
  • Taurus energy is generally deeply realistic. But combined with dreamy Neptune you might find yourself trying to create financial stability from a career in the arts. The challenge in this placement is to learn to evaluate your worth. For Taurus, a sense of home and material possessions is vital. But Neptune helps you find a sense of home wherever you go. Taurus people are fans of creativity, art.  So, they may find themselves attached to possessions. Neptune is intimately connected with money. So, this placement may be reflected in collections, fine art, or spent on gourmet meals and luxury art. During this time, you might wonder what qualities and skills we have inside?
  • What to expect during Taurus season? Neptune in Taurus can become a bit obsessed when they have a vision for creating something beautiful. Taurus are unable to let things go until they have accomplished their goal. Neptune represents illusions, dreams, spirituality, and creativity. Neptune in Taurus usually has things under control. The Taurus Neptune sign people love material possessions. This season has an eye for finance and also enjoys giving back.  Taurus season represents  long-term plans and a strong focus. This is a good time to plan for your future.
  • What to expect from Taurus? These people are quite charming. They love good conversations. Taurus ability to make beauty accessible to all is what makes them a spiritual person. Even if they don’t realize it. On the positive side, they are tireless workers and have patience. So, loyalty is important to them. Building structures that last is a need they have. Their feelings are serious, well-controlled and not easily changed.
  • Advice (If you are Taurus)  – Impatience can ruin all the good work you try to do. Caution may need to be developed in the carrying out of your plans.

Neptune in Geminigemini zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Gemini – Advice is positive only if they offer useful information.
  • This placement can teach us how to get to a place of deeper and more intuitive understanding of the world around us. Gemini brings charm and intellect. Neptune brings focus. Firstly this is a time to learn how to let others in. Secondly, this is a time to take information from your friends and lovers. The most useful trait of the Gemini Neptune  sign is their quick understanding of any subject matter. They can absorb the pertinent facts and explain them to others.
  • What to expect during Gemini season? With Neptune  in Gemini, you make changes slowly and in a controlled manner. You are materialistic, and you are unaware of forces acting beneath the surface. That  may make transformations that initially you are not aware of. Neptune in Gemini meets their needs through their skillfulness. The most useful trait of the Gemini Neptune sign is their quick understanding of any subject matter. They can absorb the pertinent facts and explain them to others.
  •  What to expect from Gemini? Neptune represents fantasies, illusions, beauty and creative pursuits. For Neptune in Gemini, they are always in admiration of the world around them. And, they want to explore as much of it as possible. Neptune in Gemini make wonderful educators. Gemini is a very social person.  Their definition of abundance means having a crew of friends they can always rely on. When they are a part of a group, they can make anything happen. Meeting the right people at the right time is the catalyzing event.  In other words, that event sets them up for personal growth. They enjoy puzzles and casual conversation when they relax.
  • Advice (If you are Gemini) –They have to be careful to discern reality from fantasy, or else they can get pulled into a world of fraud or hypocrisy.

 Neptune in Cancercancer and Neptune

  • The message of Neptune in Cancer – give space and let go when the time is right
  • With Neptune in Cancer, you might dream of the sanctity of home and family. It’s important to learn to  let go when the time is right. Aligning your ideals to your reality is vital. The challenge for Neptune in Cancer is to learn to retreat and recharge. Without this, feelings of resentment or frustration may build up. So, habits like meditation can help you get your head in the right place. Letting go of the past is the only way of moving into the future. Cancer people are very sensitive. So the slightest negative comment may make them scrap the idea altogether, rather than try to improve it.
  • What to expect during Cancer season?  Cancer people are known to be ruled by their emotions. This is why Neptune in Cancer follows their instincts on everything. Neptune is symbolic of intuition, spiritual awakening, drama, fantasies and illusions. Cancer people are  in-tune with their emotions. That is why Neptune in Cancer is well aware of their goals and how to achieve them. Cancer people like a stable environment where they feel comfortable at all times. And, when something tries to disrupt that they don’t know what to do. So the key to living with this placement is self-awareness and balance.
  •  What to expect from Cancer? They like a stable environment where they feel comfortable at all times. But they love traveling too. They love psychedelics, art, history, philosophy, service and spirituality. These are all topics they are excited to learn more about. They are a natural empathy. Cancer feels everything very deeply. This is why they often needs to figure out what’s going on. When they acknowledge the heights of their own luck to compare to those less fortunate is when they are most open and able to make the greatest impact on global community.
  •  Advice (If you are Cancer) –  They need to concentrate on smaller goals and focus on completing one thing at a time.

 Neptune in Leoleo zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Leo – When Neptune is in Leo, sense of fantasy and  sense of performance pile up.
  • This placement was practically made for the stage. Creation is your destiny. Neptune in Leo may create an opportunity to make your  creative fantasies come true. Also, it can put those dreams so high that it’s hard to maintain balance. Drama can come at a price. So try to keep your feet on the ground. Leo can make anything possible. They give their best in everything they do. Leos won’t stop believing in their own values and success. Neptune in Leo has a tremendous amount of energy. their creativity has no limits.
  • What to expect during Leo season During this time, your confidence gives you the power to influence others. Your faith in humanity is strong. So, you are moved and motivated by your positive vision of a better world. Neptune in Leo is creative and has a natural flair for entertainment, theatre and fashion. Leo Neptune is generous, sociable and warm-hearted.
  • What to expect from Leo?  They are obsessed with expressing themselves. Leo people have artistic abilities and are successful in their educational careers. They are conscientious with others and usually have successful relationships. Neptune in Leo loves color and drama. Leo natives like movie stars and other famous people. They also love children. They love humor, spotlight, and storytelling. Leo love spur of the moment travel. So, no trip is complete without a little drama, which, to them, means passion! They may enjoy gambling because the risk is fun and exciting. They like romance, entertainment and pleasure of all sorts.
  • Advice (If you are Leo) – This period could be prosperous if you learn to walk the line between confidence and ego.

Neptune in Virgovirgo in zodiac

  •  The message of Neptune  in Virgo – Neptune in Virgo is concerned with health and nutrition
  • Virgo can become obsessed with health. They may wish to help feed the hungry or heal the sick. Virgo people may become hypochondriacs and worry about every disease. They are interested in anything new that will heal others. Also, Neptune in Virgo has a great fondness for family . They may lose themselves in the pursuit of serving others. Virgo people have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. They follow their own strict code of ethics.
  •  What to expect during Virgo  season? This is a good season for professional field. Neptune softens Virgo’s typical perfectionism. Neptune represents instinct, illusion, spiritual understanding, confusion or addictions. They may appear conservative or straight-laced. They must be cautious not to lose the big picture because they get lost in minor details. Virgo is a practical Earth sign, while Neptune shakes things up. Virgo’s natural sense of grounding can help smooth the process.
  • What to expect from Virgo? They are very inventive. Their focus is on getting everything right, down to the most minute detail. Neptune in Virgo possesses the mental faculties of inspiration, prophesy, and high standards. They can be spiritual at times.They often find their own ways to communicate. This can actually become a bit of an obsession. They can easely  notice subtle differences that others might miss. But,  it also means they can have trouble zooming out to see the big picture. It is  not enough for them to read about how something tastes. They  want to experience it for themselves. Their  growth largely depends on not being too judgmental with themselves. To them, abundance is a state of being.  They feel abundance when the world is in harmony.
  • Advice (If you are Virgo) – You need to learn how to deal with messy situations.

 Neptune in LibraNeptune in Libra

  • The message of Neptune in Libra – balancing partnerships is the main issue with Neptune in Libra
  • It’s super easy to idealize partnerships under this placement. Neptune in Libra also suffers from excessive idealism.  That can get in the way of actual progress. There is striving for true belonging present, in relationships. Thus, they affect other people positively. They work very diligently at making all of their relationships work. This is their way of transforming themselves and others. Some may be unconventional. But, others are very traditional in relationships. They encourage other people.  Libra people breathe positive attitude in cooperation. They believe in a relationships. They expand consciousness and grow through relationships and art.
  •  What to expect during Libra season? It’s easy to idealize partnerships during this season. Neptune in Libra also suffers from excessive idealism, which can get in the way of actual progress. There is also a tendency to focus on idealize the past. The positive side of this season  is a terrific sense of hope and appreciation for beauty and equality. Pay attention to personal relationships during this period. Libra strives for cooperation. But, Neptune pushes us to strike out on our own. So, boundaries are important. You may feel the need to explore unconventional relationships that have been out of your comfort zone in the past.
  •  What to expect from Libra? Neptune  in Libra may be a bit compulsive. They want to understand the world around them, but they may act before thinking. Libra people work very diligently at making all of their relationships work. They loves art. Libra natives  respond best to the art that makes a strong impression on the viewer. Fairness and justice is very important to them. They love it when things just click . Libra natives are delighted by synchronicities.  Relationships mean the world to them. They know how important emotional support is. Libras also loves   visiting friends when they travel. Even when they are visiting a place where don’t have connections, they are  unlikely to leave without a new pal.
  • Advice (If you are Libra) – Firs think, than act.

Neptune in ScorpioScorpio zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Scorpio – These people are very particular about everything in their lives
  • When Neptune is in Scorpio, you’ll feel a deep affinity for all things dark  and mysterious. They tend to focus more on the darker side of life. Because of this, you might be attracted to the ‘darker’ side of yourself. Relationships may deepen.  But they can also be chaotic. So use that inner strength to get real about your needs and desires. They feel passion is the most profound way to express themselves. Their mysterious nature often draws people to them. And their magnetism is raw and unwavering.
  • What to expect during Scorpio season? No other zodiac sign feels things more deeply than Scorpio. Neptune in Scorpio is unafraid of the darker aspects of life. They may be interested in the esoteric, the mystical or the occult sciences. They fight for human rights Scorpions  have a talent for helping the unconventional become accepted. Scorpio people may tend towards dark thoughts. They naturally filter out the good and happy things and focus on the, secret motives of those around us. A simple friendship may suddenly become passionate.
  • What to expect from Scorpio? They are  drawn to hidden knowledge.  Especially, when it comes to the subconscious. They love psychology, shamanism, hypnotism,  forensics and passion.  Psychedelics and alchemy are examples of knowledge. That appeal to their desire to see beyond appearances. They have a talent for reading between the lines. But they also have a tendency to fixate on their  objects of affection. This can make them an amazing detective. But, it can also keep them stuck in learning the same lesson over and over again. Until they are able to move on. They may find interest in eastern philosophies, practices or hallucinogens. You’ll likely feel called to use occult practices. They want to find that hidden reality. Scorpio can have a tendency to be moody or morose but uplifting.  Neptune serves to light their path and give them the strength to persevere.
  •  Advice (if you are Scorpio) – Learning to let go is crucial to Scorpios growth.

 Neptune in Sagittariussagittarius zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Sagittarius – don’t be surprised to see yourself attracted to courses and science books.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius is intuitive and may have psychic talents. They want experiences that expand their senses.  Sagittarius people are enthusiastic about reaching their life goals. They may have difficulty with people who have different beliefs than their own. Neptune in Sagittarius people are always seeking for the next adventure. They want to keep their mind sharp. But, they can waste energy and overestimate their abilities. They also love education, learning, abundance and possibility . Sagittarius people are free to take a trip to a far corner of Earth. Their goal is  learning something new. They give and receive a lot because progress is only possible if you are generous.
  • What to expect during Sagittarius season? Sagittarius is unable to sit still for very long. That’s why Neptune in Sagittarius can find inspiration wherever they go. Sagittarius people have natural teaching skills. So, they can connect with others on a mental level. They love sharing ideas, experiences and theories.  This is knowledge-seeking placement. Neptune’s intense drive for knowledge  can put you in danger of being dogmatic about your beliefs. Sagittarius people  are always on the go. They will drop everything to take a surprise trip. Sagittarius  aren’t interested in day-to-day activities or responsibilities. Partnerships may run into problems. But, the real challenge is how to use that overflowing creativity to make a real world difference.
  • What to expect from Sagittarius? Sagittarius is unable to sit still for very long. They may find themselves a new religion that offers them more freedom and spirituality. Education is very important to them. They love meeting new people, learning new things and building upon their wealth of knowledge.They are fond of life’s pleasantries. Sagittarius  version of abundance is to have the luxury to travel as they please. They are very free-spirited.  Sagittarius do not mind living out of a backpack or suitcase. So they can wander the world without roots and responsibilities weighing them down. They love to travel. Sagittarius people are always on the go. They  will drop everything to take a surprise trip. They aren’t interested in day-to-day activities or responsibilities. Also they love souvenirs from famous attractions and soil from lands all over the world.
  • Advice (if you are Sagittarius) – The main thing Sagittarius has to be cautious of is overstepping boundaries.

Neptune in Capricorncapricorn zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Capricorn – Open your mind and focus your drive on loftier goals than normal.
  • Capricorn energy doesn’t tend to get lost in their thoughts. So Neptune can be a refreshing antidote to the self-seriousness nature of the Capricorn. There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish with this dynamic placement. Just make sure your goals are realistic. Overall, this is a responsible and hard-charging combination . Capricorn people rely on hard work and cautious behavior. Success may be endangered by overinflated fears and worries. Do not waste time telling them tales without firm realistic ground. If they fall, they could rise thinking of career plans that bring back the faith in life.
  •  What to expect during Capricorn season? Neptune in Capricorn is reserved and refined. Capricorn Neptune is serious and likes to think things over. They have the ability to concentrate on anything that happens. So  they can solve any problems that occur. Capricorn Neptune may be a bit conservative and traditional. They reflect on spiritual matters.
  • The main focus is being successful and accomplished. This placement is powerful. So, there is a possibility to achieve awards, or commendations to your name. Neptune  may push you into even higher levels of success. But it also demands that you keep your priorities in line. Lastly, as earthy Capricorn has a deep connection to the environment, eco-activism runs high here. You may have an increased desire for things to be rational, and may balk when too much emotion gets in the way. You may be over sensitive.
  • What to expect from Capricorn? Neptune symbolizes imagination, illusion, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual inclination, occult and dreams. Capricorn develop their ideas slowly and thoroughly. They don’t like to work together with others when brainstorming. Their incredible discipline helps to turn their ambition into something tangible. Status is the greatest symbol of wealth for Capricorn. If they are not mindful, they can get caught up in materialism. Their greatest teachers are their failures. Capricorn people prefer to plan out their goals years ahead.
  • Advice (if you are Capricorn) – Relax, and take it easy. It’s all serious business with this sign, with no room for error.


Neptune in Aquariusaquarius zodiac

  • The message of Neptune in Aquarius – Neptune in Aquarius is poised to change the world
  • Aquarius grows only if they understand all social processes. They thoughtfully perceive people and circumstances.  Aquarius is deeply unconventional. Neptune amplifies this quality. Make sure you balance your worldliness with a realistic routine. The Aquarian loves science and technology. They tend to get easily discouraged. But, if they find healthy ways to conserve energy  the world will be better off for having themin it. This is a time of revolution and upheaval.  The world changes fast and innovation is everywhere. New and powerful ways of thinking can change the world .
  • What to expect during Aquarius season? Neptune in Aquarius dreams of independence and freedom. Aquarius Neptune at their best is altruistic. They wish to save the entire world from their ills. Aquarius Neptune is a natural humanitarian. The world makes the most sense to you when you’re exploring something  nontraditional. So, this might make interpersonal relationships difficult. You don’t like to feel settled (or even understood), and the happiest life for you is one that evolves constantly. During this season, you will be friendly and social. So, during this time, relationships may take a backseat to personal progress.
  • What to expect from Aquarius? The Aquarius zodiac sign is known for being unconventional. Neptune in Aquarius will move some people to selfless service. They may be seen as dreamers or visionaries. At their worst, they tend to bring everything they touch into disgrace. Reason and logic are a central focus to Aquarius people.  That focus often leads them to study technical topics. The progress of civilization and its technologies motivates them. Abundance is a matter of information and education for them. Aquarius people work well with others. Aquarius people are intuitive, tolerant and sociable. They make an ideal diplomat, labor relation specialist or personnel manager. They never lose their sense of awe. If you try to get them to read the old dry academic texts, you will not succeed.
  • Advice (if you are Aquarius) –  Try to be spontaneous. You must learn to become optimistic. You also need to learn to relax.

Neptune in PiscesNeptune in pisces

  • The message of Neptune in Pisces –  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. There is a focus on art and spirituality.
  • Pisces Neptune loves the arts. They like to express themselves creatively in art and  music. During this season,  self-expression comes easily. Pisces are natural empaths. During this time, it may be easy to feel run down. It is vital to find a ways to engage in self-care. The world can be an overwhelming place, when Neptune is in Pisces. Addiction and unhealthy escape patterns are common. If you find healthy outlets to explore the world, there are deep truths available to you. Pisces see a chance for spiritual growth in a role of an outsider. They give hope to those that need it the most. So, one can often see them volunteering in hospitals, prisons and safe houses.
  • What to expect during Pisces season? This season is time  for kindness and empathy. It’ll become easy for you to find common ground with others. You may have a stronger desire to find inner peace. But you must consciously avoid destructive emotions: guilt, inadequacy and fear. This season will move many of us to selfless service, or self-sacrifice. In other words, Neptune does stimulate a deeper awareness. But, it is also  producing delusion , fanaticism, religious mania and mass hysteria.
  • What to expect from Pisces? Pisces Neptune loves the arts. On the negative side they may be hypersensitive, over- emotional or too sentimental. They have a tendency to exaggerate. Or to be too extravagant or self-indulgent. Neptune in Pisces always has big plans in mind. But, they often lack the organization needed to follow through those plans. They may have addiction issues. Only, if they are not strong enough. You don’t usually have to ask them for help either. They can tell when people are hurting or struggling. In other words, they can put themselves in anyone’s shoes. They love  teaching others how to be more compassionate.
  • Advice (if you are Pisces) – They can get so excited and lose sight of what is going on around. So, It is up to their friends and family to find a way to bring them back to reality.

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