The New Moon in Leo on August 16 brings opportunities for new beginnings!

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The New Moon in Leo begins on August 16, 2023, at 10:48 a.m. and begins a new lunar cycle. Venus, still traveling retrograde, and Uranus are also active under this New Moon, meaning there is an element of volatility. Surprising news could change our lives significantly, especially regarding our relationships.

As the moon cycle begins, we can erase everything in our lives, especially when it comes to our emotions. The New Moon period offers a reset and can guide us to evolve through situations related to our feelings. New Moons are also a powerful time to set intentions for the weeks ahead. We can use the New Moon energies to clarify what we want to focus on.

The New Moon in Leo offers a beautiful wave of energy that supports us in this. It can encourage us to get in touch with our passions, return to projects or hobbies we’ve forgotten, and prioritize joy and ease.

One of the highest octaves of Leo energy is the quality of simplicity. When we simplify, life can become more accessible, less emotionally tricky, and we can more easily make room for joy.

What do you need to simplify in your life? Where are you overcomplicating the situation or allowing your emotions to make the situation worse than it is?

By checking in with ourselves and creating intentions directed toward simplicity, we may find navigating the cosmic energies behind the Leo New Moon easier.

Venus, still traveling retrograde, is also very active under this New Moon. If Venus retrograde has been happening for you, this New Moon could bring things to a head.

Venus retrograde tends to trigger relationship issues, not just relationships with others but also our relationship with money and self-worth.

Regarding our relationships with others, Venus retrograde can activate triggers around setting boundaries, resolving conflict, and learning when to walk away.

Venus retrograde can also reveal blockages around giving and receiving love in our lives, and sometimes a particular relationship can be a teacher to help us figure this out.

If you’re dealing with relationship conflict right now, take a step back and look at it from a more spiritual perspective. How does this situation make you love yourself more? How does this situation help you receive more love?

You may not be able to answer these questions immediately, but think about them under this New Moon and see what insights follow in the coming days.

Black Moon Lilith is also active now, indicating a solid surge of feminine energy. The presence of Black Moon Lilith under this New Moon will give us a boost when it comes to standing up for ourselves, recognizing our worth, and not giving up on what we feel is right.

Although we must elevate our egos, beautiful energy guides us to stand in our truth and own our inner power.

If you are facing a challenging situation around this New Moon and feel like you could use some confidence, connect with the Black Moon Lilith energies. Allow these energies to awaken your inner strength and activate the warrior within you.

Uranus is also active under this New Moon, which means there is a particular element of volatility. We may need this feminine strength from Venus and Black Moon Lilith to hold us in place and guide us to our truth if some surprising or upsetting news comes along.

With the combination of Uranus, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith, it is possible that surprising news could bring significant changes in our lives, especially when it comes to our relationships.

Remember, the planets cannot cause something to happen, but their alignments can be the trigger. If a relationship is on shaky ground or needs to take a different course, this cosmic energy can bring it straight to the surface.

New Moons are always reminders of new beginnings, so if something leaves your life now, know there is always an opportunity to start over.

Although the energies of the Leo New Moon are powerful, try to focus on creating simplicity. It may not be easy or natural at first, but if you keep your intention rooted here, you may find softening appearing.


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