The protection ritual

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ruzmarinThis ritual came from the ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks believed that rosemary can chase away the bad spirits and sickness. A fresh branch put beneath a pillow will chase away nightmares. It was also considered as a symbol for lovers. It was used in many rituals for happiness, cleansing, protection, love and healing.

For this ritual you will need dry rosemary, lavender and sage. Put all these in a bowl. Pour a few drops of ether tarotlavender and cypress oil over the herbs. Put blue crystals around the bowl and tarot cards Strength and Moderation. Then, light the dry herbs. Be aware to pay enough attention to every part of the ritual. Light a blue candle and walk three times around the bowl while saying: “By the power of the Moon in the night, may all negativity be expelled from my vicinity; the energy of the protective light will protect me now and in the future”. After this the ritual will be completed. It is believed that the herbal energy will create protection around you and cleanse the negative vibrations.

Protection spells deal directly with Force and Power Spells.These spells and ritual create a shield around you which prohibits evil magics from harming you (or whoever you cast the spell on). When these ritual  is cast incorrectly nothing happens.


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