The Qualities: Mutable Quality

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Mutable Quality

Mutable Quality Characteristics

Houses Ruled: Third, Sixth, Ninth, Twelfth
Cardinal Signs: Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces
Keywords: Adaptable, Flighty, Flexible, Evasive, Exaggeration
Traits: Mutable signs conclude and assimilate a season.

If you’re a mutable sign, you’re relaxed and happy to just go with the flow. You adapt to situations with an ease and style that is enviable. You’re not one for standing your ground and make your opinions heard. If you going with the flow is going to work out better for the majority in the long run, you’re happy to keep it that way. Thankfully as a mutable you’re very flexible within yourself and can change your outlook as needed.

Mutable people are nothing if not resourceful, they make sure to make the best out of every situation and how to get everything possible out of the situation at the same time. Your mutable quality means that you enjoy learning, you’re fair and easy to get along with, you can understand most situations with ease and see things from a different perspective to get the preferred outcome for everyone involved. Mutable people try their best to please everyone and to keep the peace, this doesn’t always work out in their favour. Sometimes trying to please too many people at once can cause differences and they may be seen as fickle and temperamental.

Being a mutable person comes with great benefits, you’re adaptable and skilful in many situations. You’re always thinking of others and your priorities often end up taking a back seat. Sometimes mutable people end up pushing themselves too far for the sake of others, but they always manage to recover.

Originally posted 2020-05-01 17:30:46.

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