The Sun in Air signs

sunAstrological characteristics
Characteristics: fire, fixed sign
Essential dignity in Leo
Exile: in Aquarius
Exaltation in Aries
Fall in Libra
The Sun is the most important celestial body in astrology and has influence on all signs in Zodiac. The Sun determines the Zodiac type which is specified through the analysis of numerous indicators. Stating that some people are  born in the sign of Aries means that he is born at the time of Sun passing through the sign of Aries as observed from Earth. The Sun is a male planet. The Sun is related to the mans instinctive. It symbolizes radiation, vitality, outdoor life, a father, a boss, a husband, success, fame, power…

rp_gemini-3-287x3001.jpgThe Sun in Gemini

The Gemini are characterized by courage, restless spirit, rhetorical capabilities, a constant need for obtaining knowledge and according to that, the Gemini are usually very educated persons. They find their strength in perpetual physical and mental activity. Opposite to that, they can become unbearable self-sufficient persons whom do not care about the needs and the feelings of those who surround him. Their physical appearance and charm make him attractive to the opposite sex, which in time can make him largely narcissistic.

rp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgThe Sun in Libra

The air element of the Libra predicates the optimistic; marry nature, which allows them to go through the life’s hardships easier than expected. The Venus, whose dignity is in Libra, gives them the indisputable charm and advantage in seduction, which in turn helps them find a way out from the situations that might seem nonplus. They strive for possessions of material worth and are often appreciated by their company.

rp_aquarius-248x300.jpgThe Sun in Aquarius

The tone of Uranus primarily gives the Aquarius the need to endeavor towards independence on all fields. They cannot stand limits and deadlines. They often strive towards unachievable ideals, unexacting defeat even after a yearlong work or struggle, they will continue with their fight. The need for constant giving may get them in uncomfortable situations; they are a perfect friend to rely on. The aspiration for research and innovations may bring them the acknowledgment they so desperately try to grasp. The dominant characteristics of an Aquarius are that they are humane, overly concerned and stubborn.

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