The Sun in the Houses

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sunThe position of the Sun by house  reveals an area of life where we need to feel special.


Sun in the 1st House

home1people with the Sun in first house  identify strongly with the image they present to others. They  make an impression on others  and they know it. They  are self-conscious. You often make a mark on the world, but need to avoid obsessing over what others think. They need to accept that they need to be a leader or an innovator. With the Sun’s energy in the First House, their personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Sun in the 2nd House:

home2They take pride in what they own, and have a strong drive for security. They hate to let others down once they have made a promise. They must avoid over-identifying with what they have. They have to take pride in the solid and secure foundations that they build, as well as the lasting relationships they aim to maintain.Their personality drive will mainly be directed into the creation of personal wealth, with an emphasis on financial security. They have a strong desire for material possessions.

Sun in the 3rd House:

home3They  need activity and a change , or they will feel restless. They  take pride in their  mental agility and friendships,  able to adapt quite easily. There is a strong need to communicate their knowledge to others and to learn.  They have to take pride in  intellectual or communicative abilities without feeling the need to lord it over others. They  get off to a fast start in life, and expect to be good at what they do. They see competency as primarily a matter of experience, They concentrate on communication and learning as  self-picture develops.

Sun in the 4th House:

home4They invest much of pride and energy into their personal and private life,  home and  family. Privacy is very important to them. They are naturally protective to everyone. They have to avoid being defensive as they work to build a secure foundation for them and the people they love. They  plan for the “long run” as part of their basic strategy in life. Their life improves with age because their  real personality emerges more and more. Because you expect life to improve it generally does.

Sun in the 5th House:

home5They  want to be noticed for their  unique and special qualities and creativity. They are happiest when they  are expressing themselves in a special way. They  have a flair for drama and sports. They  are proud of their  fun-loving attitude towards life. They have to  avoid grabbing center stage all of the time. Their personality drive may express themselves  through adventurous and perhaps speculative ventures. An inner restlessness craves an outlet through social, romantic, and daring action.  Children may play an important role in some way.

Sun in the 6th House:

home6The work that they do and the services that they offer are very important to their  sense of identity. In order to feel good they  need to be busy. They  are sensitive to criticism about the work they do.  They need to  be careful not to over-identify with the appreciation they  receive from others.Their  vital forces may be drawn into some form of service that will bring deep personal satisfaction. Hard work and challenging situations are certainly indicated . They  seek perfection and distinction . Crisis situations will develop, but they  meet these with steady determination.

Sun in the 7th House:

home7They  take pride in their  ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in  relationships. It is important to them to have a partner because they feel incomplete without one.  One of the lessons in their  life may be to avoid putting harmony and others’ opinions of them above their own needs. They have to use  social skills and seek out peaceful relations with others, but to try not to over-identify with their  partnerships.They are interested in relationships,  love to share. They  must learn not to put their  objectives aside just because of their compliant nature.
This astrological position suggests eventual success in marriage.

Sun in the 8th House:

home8They have a great urge to go farther or deeper into life every step of the way. They  want to experience more. It is hard for them  to find satisfaction in common experiences.They  have magnetic power if they choose to use it wisely. They  are attracted to unexplored or taboo areas of life.Their  feelings run deep so there is a need for atonement with their  inner self. They  sometimes feel that they  are destiny’s plaything and will try to discover hidden parts of themselves  through investigating “the mysteries” or take an interest in occult or metaphysical studies. They need to  be prepared to relinquish some part of their  life so that they may experience a rebirth on a higher level.

Sun in the 9th House:

home9They  have a deep need to understand the world around them. They  have high ideals and their  eye on what’s on the horizon, and at times can seem quite restless. They  are proud of their  knowledge and  their moral. They have to  avoid self-righteousness in their  enthusiasm to share their knowledge. Their  thirst for learning extends beyond the classroom. They have a flair for languages. One of their  most admirable qualities is that, by touching the lives of others they  will come to understand that all men are brothers, separated only by self-imposed restrictions.

Sun in the 10th House:

home10The urge to work toward a goal, for success and  for power is part of their make-up. they have to recognize their ambitions and their  need for authority without going overboard. They have to seek out a career that allows you to manage, rather than be managed. They have a great capacity to lead others and to excel as a professionals. They  will have a brilliant career.  In general they are competitive and authoritative. They often find an extraordinary partner with a good social position with whom to share their life.

Sun in the 11th House:

home11They  are a humanitarian who aims to treat everyone as equals. They tend  to be unique and original. Social status is less important to them than belonging to a group of diverse personalities. They  have high hopes and goals, and tend to look at life in terms of opportunities. The friendships they  establish are crucial to their  development. If they identify too much with  friendships they may become too impersonal and alienate those who would like to get close to you. They  are everybody’s friends, but not always a friend to everybody. They adapt easily and fit into almost any group because you know how to get the most out of a situation.

Sun in the 12th House:

home12They  have a tendency to be introspective and need some space  to pull up your strength. They often  avoid the spotlight, because their  will is directed inwards. They have to honor to  need to be alone with themselves , but to avoid over-identifying with inner world to the point that they truly feel alone in a crowd. If they seek counseling, they may become a counselor to help others avoid the pain of their  experiences.

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