The three biggest manipulators of the Zodiac

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When they find themselves in some unexpected situations, maybe even hurt, these three signs will know how to manipulate in all the cases they find themselves in.

Cancers are very vindictive; they remember something you disappointed them with when you were playing as children, which is enough to hate you at some point. They are such strong manipulators that the other side always feels guilty.
Cancers are intuitive, but that’s precisely why they can hurt you the most. They are imaginative and will tell you a story that didn’t happen, as if it did, to make you feel guilty.

Pisces are always ready to help, selfless, and peaceful. It will please you so much that you will ask yourself if it is possible or if it is selfishness. Oh yes, precisely the latter, and they will know how to play the victim, blame you for being the only reason for their problems; in fact, they will play the victim.
Their manipulation is in their character, and even when they try to be better, they can hardly avoid this character trait.

Leos are known for being kings, always being on top, in charge, and for being right, even when they are not. They hardly bear defeats. They can be very manipulative, but something is fascinating about them. They don’t hide it; they are honest.
The fact that they stand behind their actions does not mean that you can follow them or discover their intentions because they have a perfect way of manipulation, they do not play the victim, but with their attitude, they will convince you of everything.

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