These are five temperamental signs with whom it is better not to get into arguments

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Each zodiac sign expresses anger and rage in its way. Some more than others, and these 5 in particular!

Taurus is stubborn; they never get angry without a real reason. But when they are mad, it is not easy to calm them down; they need time for themselves to calm down. When angry, they are very loud and irritate everyone because they have no patience.

They are very sure of themselves and like to be correct. Scorpios will hold grudges easily and won’t just let go of what upsets them. Even though they are calm, if you touch them, they can be very energetic and evil if you irritate them.

Leos like to dramatize and always be correct. They think they are right when angry and will not give up an argument so quickly. In a statement, they will insult and humiliate you. They will not be the first to apologize when they realize that they were wrong and that they fought for no reason.

Capricorns are mainly composed and not prone to emotional outbursts, but it brings out the best in them when it happens. When anger overwhelms them, they are not afraid to direct their criticism toward you. But, with their rigid stance, they have arguments that will make you shut up.

Sagittarians are not prone to big fights, but when angry, they shut up. They will take out their anger on others and not spare their words, but only when they cool down. Likewise, when anger passes them, Sagittarius knows how to apologize.

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