These four signs have the most vital charismatic aspects

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A person who has charismatic aspects (meaning most often these are aspects between Pluto and the Sun or Uranus and the Sun or Saturn and the Sun, preferably trines, conjunctions, or sextiles) usually increases his influence on others during the transit of the same planets through sensitive places in the birth chart (via 1st house or even better over the 10th, even over the natal Sun).

These four signs have the most vital charismatic aspects

Cancers tend to be popular with the masses because of their Moon ruler, but that kind of popularity doesn’t necessarily have to do with charisma. Charisma always contains something distant and unfathomable, so if Cancer also possesses aspects of appeal (which we discussed before), its influence on others, in that case, will still be humanistic. Ideal for a shoulder to cry on or for a patriotic leader.

Scorpios are a classic example of charisma when it comes to a person who attracts mysteriously and does not think to reveal what is on their mind. A drastic measure is people who can hypnotize others. The only question is whether Scorpios, who are also charismatic, is constructively or destructively oriented.

A Capricorn with charismatic aspects is also an example of genuine charisma that leaves you breathless and obediently following. In this case, Saturn leaves no other option, and its firmness leads you to your goal without giving up. There is no way that anyone would waver in this combination. The certainty of Capricorn’s influence is the greatest.

Charismatic fish work mainly on the principle of seduction, beauty, and being dazzled by some mysterious but irresistibly attractive world, they radiate. This is the charisma of drunkenness and deception ruled by Neptune. Ideal for sects and various ideologies.


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