These four signs of the Zodiac are the most dangerous

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Read which horoscope signs are most prone to crime or the most difficult and which you should be most afraid of.


Virgo, as an earth sign, is the least prone to crime. However, they often engage in financial fraud if they are motivated by some urge. In that case, they will plan their copy to the smallest detail for a very long time. Therefore, Virgos are very dangerous as criminals. They never engage in small frauds, but in something big, even if they lose their freedom, they will be remembered for it, which is good for their ego.


Bulls are very often involved in some petty, shady business. Since they don’t like to work, these shady ventures bring them good income; mainly, they deal with money laundering. They are tactical and always work alone. However, if caught, they will use everything and repent not to cause mercy.


As fire signs, Aries are prone to crime and always work for someone. Paid by others, they are paid killers, debt collectors, and blackmailers. They never give up on their intentions and have no empathy.


If Geminis are involved in crime, then it is fraud. They don’t take up arms, but that’s why the power of persuasion they have leads them to significant cons. False promises are their most potent weapon. If they are caught, they try to escape with all their might. They do not disdain betraying helpers, but even then, they are prone to lies to protect themselves.


Lions are the ones who usually carry weapons. They are not even strangers to burglaries. They are very impulsive and impatient in their intentions, which is their biggest flaw. They quickly draw their weapons without thinking. If caught by a big shock, they confess everything very quickly.

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