These three signs have incredible intuition: One reads you with their eyes!

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Expressed intuition requires a connection between the Ascendant, the 12 fields, Pluto and Neptune. Intuition is something that helps us make the right decision, and these three signs are exceptionally gifted with intuition.


Scorpios can read what someone is thinking with their eyes. They have powerful feelings, they experience everything very intensely, and because of this, they can sense what is coming next. They always feel but sometimes ignore these messages because they consciously indulge in risk. They accurately feel the vibrations coming either from a person or through an event.


Sagittarians are very spiritual if they work on themselves; if they have achieved this inner harmony, they can seriously follow their intuition, protecting them in awkward situations. They are fortunate that their intuition points them to dangers and promising opportunities. Archers have a huge capacity, but unfortunately, only some use them.


Pisces have various signs much earlier than some things happen. They even dream so that dream becomes a reality later. Their inner peace is essential to them, but often because of what they feel, they surrender to vices and run away because they are afraid. Nevertheless, many people born under this sign are great spiritualists.

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