Three horoscope signs will most likely feel retrograde Saturn’s influence in Pisces

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Retrograde Saturn in Pisces began during June and will last until November 4. The period of retrograde Saturn in Pisces usually lasts several months; during this time, the energy of Saturn can be experienced in a different way than usual.


The combination of retrograde Saturn in Pisces will encourage a deeper exploration of spirituality and transcendence. You will feel a more vital need to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. You will give priority to emotional development and personal progress.


Saturn retrograde in Pisces can encourage emotional healing and transformation. You will face inner fears, limiting beliefs, or emotional blocks. It is a time when you can work on deep dynamic processes and release past burdens.


Saturn retrograde in Pisces will cause changes in your understanding of boundaries, especially in the context of the emotional and spiritual areas of life. You may be faced with questions about setting healthy boundaries in relationships and taking responsibility for your spiritual practice and personal growth.

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