Twelfth House

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Twelfth House

Twelfth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Subconscious
Latin Motto: Carcer – Prison
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Sign: Pisces
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Keywords: Mysticism, Hospitals, Prisons, Institutions, Elusive, Clandestine

The Twelfth House is known as the Subconscious House. Unconsciousness and using it to help bring about success is a powerful discovery for anyone. It also allows you to overcome the setbacks which are inevitable for anyone in life. Success and failure are something that we must look at on a daily basis. You can discover if you are confronting the issues in your life or if they are sneaking by into your unconsciousness. You have the opportunity to discover what you have done in the past and how to move forward into the future in a better way. With the unconscious you discover the hidden strengths and weaknesses that no one else can see, except you.

The subconscious is a great servant that works tirelessly for your own betterment. The downside is sometimes it reveals fear or pain that can overwhelm us. Understanding how to manage the sorrows and suffering that is part of life is a key factor when dealing with the Twelfth House. We must all pay the piper and deal with Karma. Where we arrive, is a result of all the actions we have taken in our life. What have we done in life for good and for evil? In the Twelfth House we address these consciously and unconsciously. We discover new insights that enable a transformation toward the betterment of ourselves. This is the cornerstone of the Twelfth House. Moving forward and upwards in life.

There is so much to discover from your unconscious. Using this powerful ally we can become kinder. Learning from the mistakes we have made we are able to do better in the future. The Twelfth House shows us how to find peace and growth in a spiritual way.

Finally the last house in the Zodiac enables us to recognize we are all tied down to life. It is for this reason that we have all these mortal trappings like jails and institutions which restrict our freedom. The misery in the Twelfth House comes through the threats of danger and secret plans of our enemies. Take caution!

There are people who denounce the Twelfth House as a waste of time for followers of the zodiac, but its really untrue. This house is the master of positive change. Understanding that we have the opportunity to do better which allows us to proceed into the future in a more productive way. Visiting our unconscious and discovering its lessons, shows us a glimpse of what awaits us in the future should we learn from the past

The Twelfth House is governed by the Planets Jupiter and Neptune, and ruled by Pisces.

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