Unusual facts about Aries

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Things you’ll better know about ARIES

  • speak loud– The Aries is not famous for being an excellent business negotiator or for maintaining business cooperation. They cannot stand shady characters, dishonest people and liars. They will speak loud their mind without hesitation and diplomacy, which eventually leads to ending the relation.
  • leader– The young Aries are leaders among the kids that don’t give up their appointed goal. Even if they are given a task they are not up to yet, and there is a reasonable doubt that they might fail, the Aries will not rest until they fulfill the task and show you otherwise.
  • heart-The main reasons for Aries to break up a relation are: partner’s indifference, predictable behavior and the lack of flame. These features are like a cold shower for the Aries in love. As reasons preceding a divorce, the Aries states constant control, jealousy bursts and digging through pockets by their partners.
  • -The Aries is the most impatient driver. They are leaders in the amount of car accidents caused by speeding and running through the red light.
  • walking– One can recognize them by the way they walk. They have an above average straight posture and a firm and decisive step. Even if their rheumatism kicks in they will try to walk straight, and due to the frequent walks they take, they are lively and active even in the old age. They visit the doctor’s more often than other signs. Their greatest enemies are the flue and high temperatures, and the strengths in fighting the disease are will power and defiance.


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