Unusual facts about Cancer


Things you’ll better know about CANCER

  • help– The Cancer is among the best council givers, although they do not know how to help themselves. When things in your life start going downhill, seek help from the Cancer. The extraordinary intuition and the natural caution are just some of the reasons they are able to give wise and practical advices to others.
  • heart– On the other hand, if their love life is bad and going sideways, they are more prone to go off the wagon, to wonder around and give in to any kind of corporal pleasure.
  • – The Cancer does not play the role of a superior very well. They avoid giving speeches and exposing themselves in public. They are having trouble instituting authority, and over abatement is described as one of their weaknesses.
  • stocks– They are money wise responsible. As soon as they get a job, they start saving for retirement or the rainy days.
    home– The home of a Cancer often looks like a warehouse for old and useless things. They are traditionalist with art sensibility which makes them easy to get attached to the objects that surround them, so it makes it hard to part from the most worthless item. The family comes first for them; everything else is of secondary importance.
    dress– The female Cancer would rather renew her wardrobe in a flea market, old attics and closets are considered to be favorite boutiques. They have an original and crafty way to combine old and new, which always makes them look seductively.

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