Unusual facts about leo

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Things you’ll better know about LEO


  • spotlightLeo is the most constant attendant at the important social events, and maintains regular presence at all glamorous parties. he just loves to be in the spot light an be in the center of attention.He will do anything to get read of anyone who is trying to dominate besides him.
  • – Leo is a part of a group of the lucky ones who don’t give in to stage fright or panic before the exam. Most of the performers of all kinds are born in the sign of Leo. He cant wait to be in front of the people and show them what he can do.
  • rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpg– They are proud of what they have, as well with the choice of their partner. They will exhibit their loved one before her friends, constantly pointing out their charm, education and beauty.
  • -Although they rarely decide to get a divorce, the data shows that the Leo is most prone to break-ups during May and December. They most often fall in love in January, February, April and June.
  • – Leo is considered to be among the best lovers of the Zodiac (beside the Scorpio and the Pisces), but the surveys show that they are most often to be troubled by sexual problems. It is influenced by their pride and vanity.
  • posao– The large percent of people at managing positions are born in the sign of Leo, and they are even more represented in the middle management class.
  • – The Leo is considered to be a great gourmet, their week spot are the sweets, cakes, ice cream and pancakes.


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