Unusual facts about Libra


Things you’ll better know about LIBRA

  • – Even the experts from the cosmetics industry support the claim that the Libra is among the most beautiful signs in the Zodiac. They ate aware of their beauty ,they will use it in any situation they can to get their goals.
  • heart-The male Libra is on the top of the list of trustworthiness by women. They are considered the most skillful seducers and flatterers whose charm is hard to be resisted. It is obvious that women are not yet up to this kind of combination. Libra man are often unfaithful to their wife, they are always looking for younger woman, they love to be in love all the time.
  • children1– The sociological surveys show that the Libra is more frequent participant in marriages where the age difference between the partners is 10 or more years. They often has several marriages and many children. They adore kids, they love them unconditionally, and they always stay in touch with their ex partners and support them.
  • -If they are asked to answer  which life situations are the hardest for them to bear; they usually stress the tense social interactions and conflicts. They often claim that their consciousness incites them to smooth a misunderstanding, that being a reason why they always make the first step.
  • perfume– The sense of smell is highly developed in a Libra. That makes them ideal for jobs in cosmetic industry. They will have no problem in sensing the scent of other person’s body.
  • – Despite the general belief, the Libra is not a passionate lover of chocolate, or other sorts of overstated dishes. They give advantage to boiled food, soups and sauces. They love fine wine instead of bear

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