Unusual facts about Pisces

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Things you’ll better know about PISCES


  • – The Pisces are in Fortuna’s favor. Judging by results of marketing experts researches, the Pisces may attribute their business success largely to the convenient circumstances rather than to their ambition. They are very lucky people.
  • deskAlthough Pisces sometimes might be considered as chaotic and superficial, the researches do not support those claims. You might recognize a Pisces by the overcrowded table they sit at, but they are the fastest when it comes to finding necessary documents, as well as they remember the documents’ contents.
  • – They adore the touch of metal. If you pay attention at them at the moments they wonder of in their minds or concentrate, you will notice that they unconsciously rub or spin a ring, a bracelet or some other metal object.
  • stocksThey seldom complain se for lack of money. The Aquarius is content with less than moderate incomes.
  • – The percentage of Pisces in illnesses that do not have an organic cause is a record one. Except the fact that they are susceptible to rare diseases, the process of their healing often is beyond the scientific explanations.
  • club– They are the most common in groups of devoted supporters of various spiritual groups. The reason for that is their need to sacrifice themselves in the name of general welfare.
  • rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpg– The Pisces are leaders when it comes to falling in love at first site. They will often admit to have met their partners in a dream, and only later in reality.


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