Unusual facts about Sagittarius

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  • – The marital partners of the Sagittarius say that their greatest fault is being susceptible to cheating. Their most appreciated virtues are tolerance and readiness to forgive. They often bring dynamics and vivacity into their homes.
    chairIt seems that they don’t like chairs. They’d rather watch TV seating on the floor pillow and often sleep on the floor as well. They take a position of Turkish seat while they eat.
  • yoga– They are thought to be always in shape. Their natural livelihood is one of the reasons for that, a quite a few are devoted in practicing yoga, tai-chi or various forms of gymnastics.
  • mozgalica-The Sagittarius will ask questions and seek additional information more than any other signs. However, they are impatient in waiting for an answer, and they often interrupt someone’s exposition..
  • – They react fastest when they are behind the wheel. They react 5% faster than the second placed Aries when it comes to hitting the break, and they are considered to be reliable drivers.
  • heart– Although likely to get divorced, they are not on the top of this infamous list. The statistical data shows that marriage between the Sagittarius and a Gemini is a combination that ends up in court most frequently.

Originally posted 2020-06-04 07:15:09.

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