Unusual facts about Taurus

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Things you’ll better know about TAURUS

  • – The Taurus is high upon the ladder of the most desirable bosses. They appreciate talents and theposao capabilities of their subordinates, and they believe that is important to award the hardworking, reliable and loyal workers.
  • gifts– The Taurus is the best host, even in their work environment. As soon as you step in their office, you will be offered coffee and cookies, and an expensive beverage is a must during a business conversation. The negotiations are ended in an expensive restaurant known by its exquisite cuisine.
  • – They are willing to endure the longest wait to receive back the love they offer to the person they are courting. The astrological explanation is found in their patience and devotion.
  • – The Taurus will hold the person they are getting to know around the waist more often than other signs would. They will constantly follow their footsteps and scowl if they dance with another person.
  • rh581-1961– As hobbies are concerned, the Taurus will devote them to raising horses, bee keeping or gardening. Quite a lot of them are into collecting fine art or philately.
  • coffe– They come to work before the office hours and have a cup of coffee in quiet, while planning in detail their work day. The reason for that is quite clear. They do not stand panic and nervousness, just as much as when they are interrupted while doing something.
  • – They don’t have a high opinion about people who wear cheap cologne or live in houses which décor and architecture wreak of bad taste.


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