Unusual facts about Virgo

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Things you’ll better know about VIRGO

  • book– The Virgo is the most passionate reader of love novels. Being that the psychologists point out that the choice of literature is a substitute for the things one misses in life. It appears that the Virgo is in need of love and romance it wont stop until it fells love .
  • – The Virgo in love is a fort hard to be conquered. They will find reasons not to enter a relationship, and only after a thorough analysis of the partner’s faults and virtues will they submit to the call of the heart. They have very big problem to relax and to trust in opposite sex.
  • – They enjoy studying love techniques. They are always reading about theories : how to attract opposite sex, how to recognize a lair… They are very scared , they think everyone wants to hurt them.
  • Beef Stew– They have the most sensitive digestive system. Their stomach over produces acid, and they often suffer from gastric ulcer. they are afraid to stay hungry. They never get out of the house if they feel hungry. They will be late on business meeting but they have to eat home made meal first.
  • – The Virgo is seldom found in the population of alcoholics and drug addicts. The reason being that they avoid substances that could influence rational judgment or could incite unsuitable behavior.
  • – The Virgo need more time to resolve everyday problems than other zodiac signs do. They pay too much attention to details and to analyzing, which makes it harder to encompass the full scope of the problem.


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