Unusual facts about Capricorn

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Things you’ll better know about CAPRICORN

markice– The Capricorn befalls into a group of philatelists. They are not passionate shoppers and they do not buy just the necessary items. Their basic shopping criteria are quality and product durability. They are often electioneers with very valuable collections.

  • – Some stereotypes about the Capricorn should revised, mainly the fact that they consider marriage fidelity as a top priority as it is thought of. As years go by, they become more relaxed and lively, therefore susceptible to extra marital affairs.
  • rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpg– In the women’s opinion, the ideal spouse is considered to be responsible, reliable and a loyal man. These are exactly the characteristics of a male Capricorn, which means that they are highly rated as ideal husbands.
  • music– A lot of distinguished musicians, especially guitar players are/were Capricorns. This information contributes to the view that they are more sensible than it is usually thought of. They  often sits home alone and listen to classical music.
  • – One of their favorite games is chess, a game that practices the mind and develops sense of combination. In this manner, they learn about strategy and apply it in their work.
  • rp_boss-1-300x2201-300x220.jpgAbove the average number, the persons born under this sign of Capricorns rise up to the managing positions. They are hard workers, and are very intuitive. They often use people weaknesses to get their goals.


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