Uranus retrograde has started – the dust will settle; how do you know what you have is better than what is coming?

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Uranus goes retrograde on August 28, 2023, joining Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Having such a strong line of retrograde planets simultaneously will create a slowing down effect, leading us to go within, reflect, and find peace before moving forward.

Uranus is the planet of awakening, surprise, and change. When it’s retrograde, it tends to make us think about how we’ve changed. If our lives have been turned upside down or we’ve experienced intense awakenings, Uranus retrograde is when the dust will settle, and we’ll be able to digest everything that happened. It will have a significant impact on the whole of America.

Uranus retrograde can also highlight areas where we feel stuck and draw our attention to behaviors and patterns that prevent us from being authentic.

This Uranus retrograde, occurring in the sign of Taurus, forces us to reflect on the period from January 22/January to August 18, 2023. Since then, how has your life changed? Since then, what surprises have you encountered that have changed how you live your life?

Uranus retrograde encourages us to welcome and embrace these changes. He wants us to live from this new vantage point and create stability. The first step in making that stability is acceptance.

Uranus will retrograde from the 23rd degree of Taurus and return to the 19th degree of Taurus. The 23rd degree of Taurus is associated with power, authority, and command. It invites us to reclaim our power and ignite the warrior within. The 19th degree of Taurus is related to spiritual revelations.

This journey from warrior to spiritual breakthrough may guide this journey through Uranus retrograde.

Finding our inner warrior
Uranus is the planet of awakening and change. When active in the cosmos, it can bring about sudden and unexpected events that shake and shake our world. Uranus is the planet of surprises, so whatever is unfolding is probably something we didn’t see coming.

Uranus is also associated with freedom and doing things outside the box, giving him a radical and innovative energy. It can be hard to guess what Uranus will do next, so it’s hard to predict precisely how its energy will manifest in our lives.

Uranus teaches us how important it is to go with the flow. It reminds us that we don’t have as much control as we think. It also reminds us that change is a natural and normal part of life. It can be much easier to manage when we follow the changes brought by Uranus.

As the poet Rumi perfectly put it: “Don’t worry if your life turns upside down. How do you know that the side you’re used to is better than the one to come?”

When we recognize this teaching of Uranus, then we can claim our power and allow our inner warrior to rise.

We may have experienced sudden changes or surprises since January/January, but this retrograde journey calls us to take charge. To Step forward and lead the way with military precision. We must be more disciplined, louder, and fiercer when defending our well-being.

Perhaps this is how our retrograde story begins – with the motivation to rise into our power and claim the life we want.

Spiritual revelations
Until the end of Uranus’ retrograde journey on January 27, 2024, we will probably experience some spiritual revelation. This spiritual revelation will likely leave us feeling more accepting and more at peace with everything that has manifested in our lives.

As the planet of awakening, Uranus is also associated with our Kundalini or life force energy. It helps us awaken to more truth, our higher purpose, and the wisdom we have within us.

Our spiritual revelation will allow us to see a higher truth, experience a more authentic way of being, or open ourselves to new ideas beyond what we would otherwise perceive.

Regardless of that journey, when Uranus retrograde finally ends, we’ll likely feel freer to express our true selves and lead a more authentic life.

Questions you should ask yourself during this period:

What are you no longer sure about in your life?

How can you acknowledge and accept all the recent changes in your life?

Where else can you let go and go with the flow?

How can you create more freedom around your current situation?

What things can you do to change the way you choose to perceive the situation?


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