Venus in Leo until October 9 – an opportunity to solve love and financial problems!

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Venus moves directly as Jupiter stops and moves retrograde, and the two are in a square, challenging aspect. Both are considered astrological benefits, that is, those that bring good circumstances, so this lousy aspect is not so terrible. However, it brings exaggerations, extravagance, and exaggerations. We are demanding and needy, and we like everything to revolve around us. But this aspect can manifest itself differently – the people around us are highly demanding, and it is impossible to please them.

Venus and Jupiter in the square are said to be harmful goods wrapped in excellent packaging. So be careful what you reach for these days, whether related to people or products – so that someone doesn’t cover something terrible, low-quality, and unnecessary for you in a golden envelope. This aspect also carries intrusive and aggressive types of marketing where various manipulations (e.g., that you are insufficient, not beautiful enough, good enough, desirable) try to convince you to take something you don’t want, even by sending you private messages.

Your inbox and mail are your private virtual space, and only some are welcome in it and in the yard of the house where you live. However, not everyone respects your privacy, so if someone is uninvited, you can chase them away. Venus in Leo brings self-confidence and a solid and healthy ego, which is necessary for knowing who we are, what we are, and what we want, and that no one can manipulate us. Of course, esoterically speaking, we are not our ego but our soul, but a good ego precisely serves strength, power, and authority.
So be careful that this square of Venus and retrograde Jupiter doesn’t turn things upside down.

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