Venus is in a square with Uranus – bad connections and harmful relationships are broken

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Uranus is in a negative aspect with retrograde Venus. This aspect breaks all ties that have expired and comes to an end.
Venus in a square with Uranus can cause significant instability in love relationships and unexpected urges and events. A great need for freedom and excitement can lead to testing the patience of a loved one, flirting, and adventure.

Venus and Uranus, in a mutual aspect, indicate great attraction and chemistry between partners. This relationship is physically solid, and there is also a tremendous sexual attraction here. Uranus represents freedom and independence and despises tradition, while Venus seeks harmony and cooperation. Venus wants romance and peace, while Uranus strives for excitement and freedom. The aspect of Venus and Uranus also marks specific energy between people. However, in a negative sense, this aspect can also bring frequent interruptions and frustration to one of the partners due to the fickleness of Uranus. Venus’s initial understanding of excitement can turn into feelings of frustration and disappointment, as well as a lack of interest in Uranus’s “doings,” so such a relationship has the potential to end as quickly as it began. When Saturn makes an aspect with Uranus and Venus, the relationship between partners can have a stabilizing character and last for a long time.

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