Virgo – apologizing by horoscope

rp_sorry-300x201.pngVIRGO – Their gentle nature forces them to accept and make right their mistakes. The misunderstandings will be settled because Virgos need them to be.

Virgo woman

virgo womanThe female Virgo is prone to self-criticism when she puts a person she cares about in a position to get mad at her, mostly due to her inherent unselfish nature and the need to bare sacrifices. Slightly offended, the female Virgo will apologize to you even before you even thought of getting mad at her. Afterwards she will analyze every detail of her own ˝culpability˝. If she had cleaned ˝the creative mess˝ on your study table or the ˝chaos˝ in your closet, the rage you are experiencing won’t last long, because you are just not capable of listening to yet another detailed analysis of the facts that made her allow herself enrage you. And her reasons were completely well intended!

Virgo man
virgo manThe male Virgo will approach you honestly, without hesitation and supported by well-founded logic, but with the help of the ever the boy with the wide spread eyes charming smile, and explain the reasons for him being late (he attended the meeting crucial for the future of the company). He will admit that you are completely right for being mad, and that he will make it up to you as soon as possible, but only after answering the phone that constantly rings. After that, he will dance around you fulfilling your wishes, whims and appetites to such an extent that you will realize that you don’t even have the heart to be angry at him.


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