Virgo as a parent

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virgo manWe all think that our parents do not understand us. But are they really that bad, or it is just because of the stars? If you want to understand your parents or if you are a parent, read the following words.

fathervirgo manVirgo as a Father
The Virgo as a father is perceived to be quite tough. People conceive them as cold and detached. He is precise, patient and composed. He gives a lot of love and affection to his children but he keeps reminding them that he is their father. He will not let any communication gap develop between him and his children . Behind this there is a practical and shrewd mind .He will give his children exactly the amount of freedom they require and will be very concerned about keeping them on the right track. Virgo father believes in results and excess emotions drive them away. He is disciplined, responsible and committed to his children. He believe in methodical preparations and wise planning to achieve a task. Virgo fathers plan about the parenting skills they need to acquire early.

mother 1rp_virgo-woman-247x300.jpgVirgo as a Mother
A Virgo mother is very loving and caring at the core but would appear quite hard at times because she demands a lot from her children. Mostly she is over-protective about her children, but will not keep them confined to the four walls of the home. She is a planner. At times she can come across as overly critical and she may need to remind herself that children consistently do try their best, even when the results fall significantly beneath her expectations. She will give them the space they need but will demand to know their whereabouts at all times. If she desires, she can become a very good friend to her children. Virgo as a mother is sensible, but she has high standards and appreciates perfection. She enjoys teaching her children about meeting responsibilities, taking care of their possessions, and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. She is practical, helpful and stable, she may tend to be a bit penny-pinching at times. She freely gives her time and attention, which is the most valuable gift of all.

children1Virgo as a Child
The Virgo children are truly obedient and sincere to their parents. Virgo children are usually quite easy to raise. They obey their parents in word and deed. Sometimes they may disagree but they will never defy their parents. The reason is that they really love their parents so they would never do anything to hurt them. Sometimes the children may feel lesser than their peers and sink into depression. They are organized, rarely hateful and mean and they are like miniature adults. They are often the good kids hidden behind the more dynamic and boisterous children. Parents often ignore their deeper emotional needs while because they do not express them directly.

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