Virgo as ascendant – compatibility with other signs

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Generally, this ascendant enhances physical appearance and provides fine face and figure structure along with decent behavior. They may seem nerdy, but never vulgar. They are discreet, cautious, and sometimes shy, usually they have a slim figure with a long, intellectual looking face, and they are patient and modest. They possess a variety of skill sets that have been perfected for a long period of time; they are neat with nicely selected wardrobe. They lack audacity, sometimes they act as hypochondriacs. Some of them are even canny, and able to make most of the situation.

Virgo ascendant– Aries sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgrp_ariess1-292x300.jpgThey are extreme workaholics ready to devote their whole life to their occupation. They are often a part of the service industry; they are spotless and take care of their health and nourishment, even more than they should.
Virgo ascendant– Taurus sign
rp_taurus2-285x300.jpgrp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgPeople born under the influence of these signs  are practical, but too static. They are prone to melancholy, and they lack heart warmth. Their nice manners make him a desirable company, and they do well as teachers and educators.
Virgo ascendant– Gemini sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x3001.jpgThey want too many things, with a lot of inconsistency and detailing. They are often absent minded, in more serious cases even duplicitous. They are intellectual types, and their intellectual superiority may be only compared with their emotional deprivation. They should develop compassion, how to express emotions, and stability in general.
Virgo ascendant– Cancer sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgThat is a harmonic combination of brains and emotion. They are good at school; they know how to make a balance and how to treat people. They often travel a lot, or life puts them in situations that require traveling. They want to travel but when they find the right person they will like to have their home in one place.
Virgo ascendant– Leo sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgLeo man dodatoThey love to show off, but they do not always have a cover for that. They are very dignified, even true noblemen. Professional success is imminent, as well as earning significant amounts of money. They love gold.
Virgo ascendant– Virgo sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgrp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgThey burden themselves and others with too much analysis. They criticize everything, and rarely have commendations. They are perfectionists and detail oriented. They may be right, but due to their dissatisfaction they spread defeatism, and it is possible that they will be avoided.
Virgo ascendant– Libra sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x3001.jpgPeople born under influence of this combination of signs are balanced, shrewd, and lucid. They are able to explain even the most complicated things. They are great advisers. They know how to ascertain and decide in the right manner, and they are often asked for advice.
Virgo ascendant– Scorpio sign
scorpio1rp_devica1-300x279.jpgThey are fighters, and they use it in practical purposes. They may develop into great social workers. They have a good feeling for social issues, and they often receive good and well deserved pension.
Virgo ascendant– Sagittarius sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgsagittariusssThey may seem as awkward types that want to have it all. They have high goals, which are not always supported by action, which can make him inconclusive. In better cases, they are in for the long road, they often work ion diplomacy.
Virgo ascendant– Capricorn sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_devica1-300x279.jpgThis combination of signs gives people who can get very far in life. This is an excellent career position, international reputation is possible. Success is guaranteed, if they do not act with a dose of grounding.
Virgo ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_devica1-300x2791-300x279.jpgrp_air-aquarius-300x291.jpgPeople born with this combination are nearly ingenious, they are able to change the world with their ideas and discoveries. They work on their ideas and visions  constantly. This combination is an excellent position for the explorer of new frontiers.
Virgo ascendant– Pisces sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_devica1-300x279.jpgThey may seem unclear on the outside, on the inside, they analyze to the tiniest detail. They are able to confuse, but are still respected by others. They may become excellent psychiatrists, if they do not get tangled up in their own analyses.


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