Water signs – are they good friends?

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rp_water-300x1801-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.jpgAre there a good friends among Water signs? Read following words and find out if it is a time to find new pals or not


People born in the sign of  the Cancer are a great friends. They are always prepared to give and to accommodate others. But they will be very disappointed if their friends have no appreciation of what they do. Even then, they will remain loyal and persistently offer more than they receive. Above all, they made best friendships with other water signs. It is allays great to have cancer friend beside you if you are in big trouble. They are always there to help because of their unselfish nature. Those born in Cancer hate pressure and insistence, they move away from arguments.

People born in the sign of Scorpio  are explosive persons, pure dynamite. They are good pals, but they can be mysterious and hypocritical. Also, they are very choosy about their friends, but once they make a friend, they are very loyal and good secret keepers. They sometimes feel betrayed, mostly when they notice that their friends have changed their behavior towards them. Also, they are very sensitive. They often don’t trust you but you can always trust them. They will never be disrespectful to anyone and it is something they demand in return.

 Pisces friendsPISCES
People born in the sign of Pisces  are good pals.  Many astrologists  will say that they ate the best friends among all Zodiac signs . They are full of understanding and humanity and they are very sensitive. Also, they are very intuitive and they understand their friends’ emotions.  Above all, they always know how to comfort people around them. The Pisces often idealize people. Their inherited diplomacy always makes a balance and calms the unpleasant situations that occur in social events.



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