Water signs – how they deal with boredom?

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  • rp_cancer1-270x300.jpgboringCANCER-It seems as if the Cancer is immune to being bored, having the rare talent to find a form a fun in just about any given situation they find themselves at. At the times when there’s nothing going on around them, they will always find something to do, even if that is observing people around them or having a gossip session with a friend, and there’s always a chance to catch a good movie or a documentary on the TV.
  • The male Cancer is drawing satisfaction from the little things in life. He can always fill his schedule up, even with the most trivial doings he can think of, but for him, anything that he does has u purpose, and seeing or creating that purpose is what’s keeping him from not being bored.
  • The female Cancer will use her skills for shaping her day. Even when she is experiencing a difficult time she will not give away to apathy. There is always a friend to rely on, and there is always hidden joy to chase the clouds away.
  • rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgboringSCORPIO-The Scorpio often longs for an opportunity to have some peace and quiet, some solitude time to enjoy the activities and hobbies that people around them do not fully accept. Games, comic books and laying in bed are reserved for the days of boredom, and at that time they will not feel nervous about missing something, because something is always going on in their lives.
  • The male Scorpio does not need company to disperse with the boredom; actually he prefers time on his own. There is always a movie or a book to enjoy. There is always a need to learn something new that will help their social skills or satisfy their curiosity. It is always good to recharge the batteries, because who knows what tomorrow brings
  • The female Scorpio is very proactive and she will always have something to do, whether alone or in company of others. She will be satisfied with anything she does because she knows it is good for her, being that she made the choice of her activities. The oddest documentary or a history show will satisfy her curiosity, but she will always find to do something with her hands that is both useful and fun at the same time.
  • pisces manboringPISCES-Similar to the Aquarius, the Pisces enjoy other peoples company, but they will not give themselves to despair in an hour of boredom. They are able to daydream and make distant future plans, such as decoration of an apartment they do not yet have, a plan of their own wedding, although there is not a partner in sight yet and so on. The vivid imagination makes them resistant to the negative aspects of being bored.
  • The male Pisces will seek for company when there is nothing to do. But, if you have nothing to do, that might not be the case with others. And the Pisces is aware that people have their own lives and will patiently wait for the next opportunity to spend time with friends. In that case they will take a trip with themselves, and his friends do not have a spot on those trips. They will constantly imagine and relive all their childhood dreams, all things that might have happened, and all those that have not yet come to pass, but the mere possibility of that happening will fill the Pisces with inner calm and joy.
  • The female Pisces is a dreamer as well. But she will probably not go on a fishing trip while day dreaming. She will have a love affair, imagine her partner to the detail, she will have a dream job and she will be happy. Although, faux, that feeling will overcome her whole body and soul, and by the time she gets back to reality, she will be recharged, and the time has passed. Having nothing to do is just an opportunity to do something you never could.


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