Water signs – How they deal with rivals and jealousy

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rp_suparnice-300x187.jpgrp_water-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.jpgMost water signs people primary responses to jealousy emotional and physical. Sadness, anger, depression, hopelessness and feelings of unworthiness are some of the emotions that result from jealousy. Crying, increased pulse rate, sweating are some of the physical symptoms of jealousy. Feeling jealous is a natural reaction if water signs feels that their current state is threatened by another. If your partner is Water sign read following words and you will know for sure when he is feeling threatened.

CANCER –fighter

cancerWhen someone trespasses on your turf, and puts their hands on your man, you can be very calculated and ruthless, although you ordinarily have the things under control by yourself. You will instantly become very dangerous, and you will make a living hell for your rival. You will sit behind the curtains, enjoying the hand bush you have set, for the confused opponent who even now struggles through the web of intrigue and discomfort you have created. The thought of flirting with a man, let alone your man, will never cross her mind again.

SCORPIO –suspecious

scorpio1You always suspect, you are possessive and jealous, and you do not easily forgive deception, better said, you never do. There is no need to oppose your rival because there is only one possible guilty party, your partner. He will bear the consequences of your anger and disappointment. The notorious rival will be ignored, but your man will never again be in your good graces, he will never be trusted the same, even if he begs for forgiveness on his knees.

PISCES –showing feelings

rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgNo, you are not as adjustable as you seem to be. You can act out of spite, even if that will not be for your own benefit. That is your vanity guiding you. Even a notion of him having a lover, or just a flirt is an insult for you, one insult he will be sure to remember for a long time. The rival will be just a corpus delicti of his incapability of sensing your delicate nature. You cannot forgive adultery easily, if ever, once you leave him, nothing can make you go back.


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