Water signs – weaknesses

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stopIf you want to avoid unpleasant situations with people around you, read following words. Learn all about the biggest weaknesses of Water signs. It will be very good to know what is that you must not do, if you don’t want to see air sign mad.

cancerCANCER-It is easy to make a Cancer nervous and even mad. Just give them to carry out work that is not related to family, house or yard and you will see them nervous. They dislike working alone too, team work is more agreeable for them. They have a hard time changing their habits and one could get in confrontation with them if he tries to change them forcibly. If you don’t want to see cancer mad, do not ever tell him something bad about his mother.

scorpio1SCORPIO-There is no surprise; the Scorpio can’t stand taking orders. No matter what you do, they will not obey you; on the contrary, they will do quite the opposite. If you hurt a Scorpio you will enter a danger zone. They will never forget or forgive you wont know that they still remember what you did. They will wait for chance to revenge. You can see Scorpio mad when sees injustice. Scorpio can be violent if it sees someone hurting animals.

rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgPISCES-The Pisces does not like being avoided or ignored. They hate when they help someone and that persons does not show gratitude for that. They love people, they will help everyone but they will be angry if they do not hear words thank you. They function better when they have a specified goal or mission. Avoid disturbing them if they are in a middle of something.


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