Were You Born To Be a Psychic?

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Were You Born To Be a Psychic?

While we all come into this world via the same channel, it seems as if there are unique individuals who were ordained for a different calling from the very moment they step into the world. Such individuals seem to be cut from a different cloth and they posses special talents and are able to do things that other people would not be able to do. In their formative years, such individuals day dreamed often, said things that were profound and saw many things that other normal people could not see. At a glance, they always seemed like they were years ahead their real ages and were often in isolation. Basically, they seemed different and odd in comparison to other members of his or her family.

As the years progressed and they moved into adulthood, planning a way forward for their career was not that much of a priority. Instead, they seemed more concerned with acquiring a deeper understanding of existence and were in search of information on higher powers and celestial beings. They were naturally drawn to things of the occult and this made them appear queer so to speak. That said, the hunger to know more never faded out and their search led them to a sacred journey and it’s apparent that they were born for the sole purpose of being mystics.

Just like a shaman, a mystic responds to a deep seated calling and he or she is introduced into the world of deep mystery that exits inside all people. In essence, mystics are called to use their spiritual insight, power and wisdom to reach into hard to tap dimensions and to use those powers to serve people around them. As agents of the super natural world they can serve in different capacities. Some are called to become healers, poets, psychologists, musicians, visionary artists, spiritual advisers or psychic advisers.

Most naturally born mystics however fail to reach their full potential since they are caught up trying to conform to society and its expectations. They tend to hide their abilities and even question themselves over the same. Seldom do they share their gift with others. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those people who have fully embraced their intuitive abilities and view them as gifts that should be shared with others. For such people, life is full of meaning and they often meet experiences that enlighten them more while giving them a huge sense of rewards because they serve the needs of the people they meet.

Do you feel like there is a mystic feeling within you that you are yet to explore? This article will highlight for you some mystical abilities and signs that can tell you if you were called to be a mystic.


1. You Have Powers Of The Oracle

During your childhood years you may have seen images of ghosts while in your room. Or perhaps you saw angels while dreaming or saw fairies while playing out in the garden. As you continued to grow up, these visions came at a lesser frequency because you are trying to stay grounded to the material world. When such moments peak however, you have hunches about people and they turn out to be right. You seem to know who is calling even before you answer the call and you dream about events that make news at a later date. Your psychic powers may even weigh on you as a burden and you have to deal with the fact that people may not believe you have this special powers and they may think of you as a witch. Good news is that you should always think of these special abilities as gifts that you should exercise and use to serve the people around you.

2. In Sync With The Unicorns

When you were younger most of your time was spent in solitude and you would draw for long hours. Coloured pencils and crayons brought out all of your imaginations. You were drawn in by the colour purple and most landscapes in your imagination were littered with picturesque purple sunsets. All creatures in your imagination wore purple robes and had some forms of magic powers often stretching their wings to fly. Your favourite animal may have been the Unicorn an animal accurately known as an emblem of the mystical world.

As you advance in years, you always slip into a trance when you close your eyes. The horn of the unicorn separates the worlds you live in and you can move easily from one mystic dimension to another to find the answers you seek. The visions that come to you can be attributed to experiences that you have had and these experiences allow you to be privy to information in the spiritual realms. If you more of an artistic individual, the same is transferred to your mystic imagination. Visions will be communicated through drawings if you are more of an artist and via poetry if you are more of a writer.

3. Your Ancestry Is Rich In Metaphysics

Your destiny seems as if it was charted if you have an elder who was dabbed in the super natural. Consider yourself lucky if this is something that runs in your family. You have someone who can help you to interpret and understand your visions and or dreams. If you come from one such family where you watched your grandparents prepare potions you are destined to follow the same path. It’s a likelihood that that is the same destiny that the powers have destined for you.

4. You Are A Virtuoso In Matters Of The Occult

You took great joy and interest in reading books related to wizardly. If Harry Potter was on sale during your childhood it would have been your favorite thing to read and you would learn all what you could about being a wizard there.
As years moved on and you became much older, you find that you have an immense desire to learn more about spiritual matters. Subjects such as tarots, dream interpretation, hermeticism, astrology and sacred geometry are what you thirst to know more about. Your search for deeper knowledge leads you to study mythology, psychology, philosophy and religion, all which are branches of the tree of wisdom. Your deep thirst for intellect propels you to add more meaning to the life of others and that of yourself.

5. You Give Care Emphatically

If one was to measure how emphatic you are on a scale of 1-10 you would stand at a solid 9. You often carry the load of other people like it was your own. When young you were the parent to your siblings and took on any problems your parents had like they were yours.

As you grow up, you are a feeling/intuitive type according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Often known to have fuzzy emotions, that means that you find it hard to separate other peoples issues from your own. The psychic vibes that you receive come in the form of discomfort within your own body when you are around someone who is unwell. You absorb the energies that are around you. Until you fully understand your gift, this intuition can appear to be more of a curse than it is a blessing.

If you feel you have a mystic power within you, you look at the world from an expanded point of view. You see so much surreal and magic and all things appear dreamy around you. Mystery surrounds you everywhere you go. You hold special powers that you should share with the world, no matter how hard it seems at the beginning. Well known mystics some of which include Black Elk, William Blake, Helena Blavatsky and Rolling Thunder did their part in helping us to grasp the divine and what divinity is in us so to speak.

Originally posted 2020-05-01 17:37:50.

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