What are your partner’s sexual desires

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Aries are very dominant. They also like to show dominance in sex. They are matched by partners who are ready for challenges and without prejudices. Their sexual desires are most often sex in public places, which causes even greater passion in them.


Sexuality Tauruses are artists of sexuality. There is nothing that they do not learn or that does not attract them. They like to explore but also allow their partner to take them to their fantasy world. Their sexual desires are threesomes, but with unknown partners.


They have no great interest in sex. Like everything else in their life, sex is a game. They like partners who are dominant so that they don’t have to try too hard. However, they have one erotic desire; they love watching porn movies.


Cancers are ready for anything in sex. They are given to the partner as it suits the partner. They don’t think about their satisfaction but to satisfy their partner so that they get something in return. Their sexual fantasy is usually group sex.


They are susceptible to manipulation, even in sex. They often act and are afraid to show their partner what they want. They need a partner who will feel them. Leos’ sexual fantasies are related to sado macho games.


Shy Virgos are also restrained in sex. They like it when their partner takes the initiative; if he hits their actual G-spot, they are wild. They fantasize about sex with older people.


Libras are sexually insatiable. Sex is their main preoccupation in life. If they have a partner who is not that active sexually, it won’t last long. Their sexual appetites are now mazo games and anal sex; men turn on sex with a partner who wears heels.


Scorpios who are stingy in giving emotions in sex are by no means. They are full of passion and know very well what they want. They like to have sex all night. Their wishes are always at the limit of the possible. They like handcuffs and sex aids, as well as water sex.


They are masters in bed. It will satisfy all your appetites several times. Your pleasure for them is just an incentive for more. But in return, they want to fulfill their fantasies. They love to see their partner pleasuring himself.


In bed, these signs are by no means cold. They have an enormous passion that they can only show when they trust their partner. They surrender entirely, but they also like dominance. Their sexual fantasies are modest but adequate. They want to have sex with a good porn movie.


You’ll never know what they want. Even in bed, they become grumpy, and something is always bothering them or missing. The partner should be the dominant one. Instead, their hidden fantasy is dressing up and wearing sexy underwear of the opposite sex.


Emotional Pisces will cry from happiness even during sex if they reach orgasm. It is a problem for them to have an orgasm since, even during sex, they think about whether their partner loves them. Fish also have sexual fantasies. They love vibrators, especially women, while men like to watch their partner with another man.


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