What does retrograde Saturn present until November 4 bring?

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As much as retrogrades feel like a step back, they are a necessary part of our journey forward. Retrograde planets ask us to stop moving long enough to look around and understand what is happening. They are the gift of reflection that enables insight, introspection that brings self-awareness, and spaciousness that allows the assimilation of actions already taken.

Saturn in Pisces
Saturn generally spends two to three years in each sign as an outer planet, while inner planets like Mercury only spend a few weeks in a warning. These longer transits represent more extensive chapters in our lives. Saturn is on March 7, 2023. entered a new sign, especially the watery depths of Pisces, and underwent a fundamental change. A cosmic movement began a new chapter in us, individually and collectively.
Although Saturn uniquely connects with each of us, its purpose remains the same – to lead us to self-mastery. It represents the innate need to realize our potential, become what we are meant to be, and follow a path that is only ours. The course requires responsibility, challenges, limitations, focus, determination, time, commitment, and structure.
Saturn’s medicine is limited. Although not obvious, there is an inherent limitation in our human experience and physical reality. While energy and spirit are limitless, incarnating into this reality is the limitation of that infinite expression.
From an esoteric point of view, Saturn can be interpreted as the ruler of our earthly human experience. Its limitations may be time, opportunity, health, movement, resources, perception, understanding, expression, relationship, or something else.
While Saturn is in Pisces, we learn how to support ourselves spiritually, whether through boundaries, structure to shape our imaginations, mastery of artistic expression, responsibility for our mental and emotional health, or resilience that reaches unspeakable heights of unity and empathy.

Retrograde Saturn
Saturn retrograde, which began on June 17, 2023, is our opportunity to be at peace with this new chapter and all it invites us to experience. We will be in this space until November 4, 2023. year, when Saturn moves forward again. Until then, allow yourself to slow down and observe the calls of Saturn in Pisces that you have experienced in recent months.


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