What does the eclipse of the full moon in Taurus bring on October 28? – an eclipse that gives strength to endings

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The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus occurs on October 28/Oct. Eclipses are always a very transformative time. They bring a fluctuating energy that can unsettle our spirit and stir our emotions. Eclipses increase the energy around us, thin the veil, and cause us to see things we didn’t notice before.

Take a moment and think back to November 2021. What themes were going on for you at that time? What situations or energies have you faced in your life?

What manifested for you probably came full circle. Any lessons or journeys that have been at work in your life since that time have now reached a point of culmination under the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse.

You might see it if you look back. Perhaps, if you look back, you will notice how far you have traveled since this time. No matter where you are today, you can be proud of the person you’ve become and your journey.

Eclipses always help us shed layers, step into more of our authentic selves, and realign with our soul’s path. You can imagine them as jumping-off points where we can step into a higher consciousness and reach a new chapter in our soul’s evolution.

Since this Taurus eclipse is the last of the cycle, it has an incredible power for endings. If there is something you want to end, something you want to bring to an end, the weeks surrounding this eclipse are a great time to take action.

Use the eclipse’s energy to close the door and say goodbye to anything that no longer serves your soul. Although we may want to control this process, eclipses work in mysterious ways, guiding us to where we need to be.

While you may have demands you want to release, allow the eclipse to work its magic. Let him reveal to you all that you can see. The final pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, so let them fall where they should.

Pluto, the planet known as the Lord of the Underworld, is very active during this Full Moon Eclipse. Pluto is also the natural ruler of Scorpio, so given that it is Scorpio season, its energy will be expressed.

We may have to face some shadows or peek into corners we may not have ventured into before. We may find that we dig up uncomfortable things. What was once hidden can now come to light.

The Lord of the underworld is comfortable in the shadows because he owns them. He acknowledges them. He made peace with everything he found there.

Under this Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, we may find ourselves doing the same. We may come to terms with everything that has happened to us, not only in the present but also in our past. Remember, this eclipse energy takes us back to November/November 2021, so all the space we’ve filled since then is ready to be at peace.

With active Pluto, we could experience power struggles; we can even witness power struggles taking place in the world around us. Mars and Mercury also move together, creating the impetus for fiery conversations, harsh words, and perhaps speaking before thinking.

There is a red-hot energy beneath this eclipse that could see things turn into a fiery exchange. We may have to be careful about what we say and how we approach others. Sensitivity will be high, so we may need to be extra delicate under this energy.

As eclipse energies are volatile, we find solace in rest and renewing. Practices such as journaling, meditation, and working on self-knowledge will be favored.

If you need to have a difficult conversation or work through a conflict, try to keep your nervous system under control. Observe whether you go into fight, flight, or freeze because sometimes, being aware and observing when you go into one of these states can help calm your being.

We all deal with conflict, so be gentle with yourself if you need to have a difficult conversation. We will sometimes be flawed or say the right thing, but showing up with authenticity and calmness is a feat!

Jupiter is another planet active under this eclipse. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so everything that happens to us can seem magnified under this energy. Things can seem more significant than they should be, or we can easily overdo things.

While we can overreact with Jupiter in the mix, its energy allows us to see things from a higher perspective. When we look at things from this perspective, our minds can also expand, helping us understand things we didn’t before.

Jupiter is also the planet of abundance, and Taurus is also a sign associated with abundance, so this vibration is also on offer under the eclipse. Welcome the idea of expansion, possibility, and abundance with this eclipse, even if something disappears.

Recognize that a new space is being created, a space that can be more fruitful for new inspirations, ideas, and possibilities.

Overall, a mix of powerful energies is in the air below this eclipse. Late October/October is destined to be a powerful time. Endings will happen. New beginnings will slowly appear. The transformation will take place. We may feel shaken, but the future is bright.

The cycle of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse is over, the point of acquiring knowledge has appeared, we are all at a new stage of our evolution, we have all grown up, we have all yielded, and we have all found ourselves in a higher state of consciousness than we were before.

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